Best Pre-workout energy supp?

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  1. bang out 2pac and loud as possible. just coffee for me

  2. Taurine is very fluffy and sticks to the top of your mouth so I take it seperately to avoid having the other ****ty tastes lingering.

  3. That's a great stack and i had something similar with the first 5 items only; I's love to add my Ephedrine but was told not to use with CM as they were opposites.

    Quote Originally Posted by meathead1987
    My pre workout stack:

    3g citrulline
    2.5g CEE
    0.7g histidine
    1.8g beta alanine
    1.5g ALCAR
    2g Tyrosine
    2g choline
    300mg DMAE
    1 HGV(huperzine vinpocetine gingko)
    3g betaine HCL
    37.5mg Ephedrine
    250mg caffeine

  4. I have been using Redline by VPX and it just kicks me right into gear. Start with a half a can man this stuff is potent

  5. I am going to have to vote for camphibolic, but it's not really pre-workout.
    By taking it daily you are amped when you need to be (for me that means at the gym, playing sports, etc.)
    it definitely has given me more energy throughout the whole day.

  6. Some of my favorites San's Tight, Lipo 6, EC stack with 3 grams of CM


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