LX & EC stack

  1. LX & EC stack

    Could you run EC stack for 2 weeks then run Lean Xtreme for 2 weeks
    and back and forth and so on?.. Or i LX something that has to be taken
    a while before it becomes effective.. I have some LX and I planned on
    saving for PCT sometime late summer early fall.. But I was just curious if
    this would be do-able and would work well.

  2. I know of no reason why you couldn't run them together.

  3. Yup, LX has no stimulant effect whatsoever so you can run them simultaneously. I run E/C for 12 weeks at a time, there isn't any need for 2 on / 2 off. If you look at the PubMed studies, the researchers would have people on E/C for 8 weeks to 6 months at a time. I would guess you want at least 6 weeks of LX to see good results.

  4. Yea I figured I could run them together.. As to cycling on and off
    I know alot of people and me personally where the effects of the EC stack
    diminish after a few weeks.. BUt im going to run them together... If I feel the EC
    effect I ll drop it for a week or so.. Peace

  5. Hey, do what you feel is best for you! But for reference... you don't need to feel E/C for it to be working. You become desensitized to the direct stimulation after a week or two but that does not mean it has stopped working.

    "most, if not all of the undesirable side-effects of ephedrine exhibit tachyphylaxis [desensitization], whereas the thermogenic effects are preserved or even enhanced by chronic treatment."



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