Ursolic Acid Infertility

  1. Ursolic Acid Infertility

    I want to try ursolic acid (pump spray/ur spray) but I'm considered about the infertility aspect of it.

    From what I can find, there was only one study that concluded that ursolic acid caused infertility in mice. Fertility resumed once treatment was ceased.

    Does anyone know if this carries over to humans?

  2. I am not 100% on this at all and there are few studies to support anything in human use. However, from what I gathered in the study and what I found researching, it would seem as though it only effects cell already produced. From that I would think that once usage stopped, newly produced cells would be unaffected. That with the fact that we make sperm when needed and it is not stored tells me that it makes sense. Like I said though, I am not sure on this. Perhaps coop could chime in with some knowledge?

  3. from what I remember it was temporary, and went back to normal when cessation with UA. Hell a natural birth control, i dig it. Embrace it lol

  4. But does topically have the same effect?
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  5. Topical absorption still enters the blood stream for circulation.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    But does topically have the same effect?
    Exactly my question.

    Ursolic is fascinating as hell, but I don't take the slightest risk with my boys.

  7. Bump.


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