Girl wants to compete natural.. what supps?

  1. Girl wants to compete natural.. what supps?

    Hi all..

    Well one of my closest girlfriends want to compete as natural, she has the muscles but need to cut fat.
    What is the best anabolic/musclesparing/fatburning supps she can use?
    We live in Sweden so some of the supps you are going to write are prob banned here.. lol : )

    I was thinking of a higher dose of forskolin and bcaa..


    many thanks!


  2. Quote Originally Posted by wicked442 View Post

    lol .
    Alphamine Forskolin and Ursolic Acid will be a dope stack for recomp

  3. Alphamine is anabolic (HICA) while lipolytic (everything else). Also, there is a study in women showing that forskolin helps with fat loss (check out forskolin-95)

  4. Acute FX would be a great fat burning pre-workout for her.

    Alphamine is a great choice as well, can't go wrong with either.
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  5. thank you guys, forskolin + ur spray it is, lol pics... maybe if she competes I will post : )

  6. Alphamine is a super popular fat burner and it tastes good so she will like that plus Game Day by MAN is an amazing pre w/o that will have her sweating like crazy! In case you were still looking for supps!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Piledahlaren View Post
    thank you guys, forskolin + ur spray it is, lol pics... maybe if she competes I will post : )
    good choice.
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  8. IMO, my experience and what I've seen personally, girls do things an extremely different way than guys. I would find someone who competes in what she does, and ask them for help/suggestions.
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