Pre-Workouts doesn't work for me

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by snagencyV2.0 View Post
    alcar is not a preWO either, and has nothing to do with caffeine

    I think you should just go into a store, look around and pick something out with a pretty package..
    if it doesn't work then pick out something else, repeat

    you need to start getting some education and real-life experience, and it ain't gonna come from this thread
    you have been given some decent advice here, and have yet to try what has been suggested
    Sometimes it's better to ask than wasting money.

    Thanks for the info, I'll try a bulk alcar

  2. I have been feeling more from stim-free than I have stims. Give Omega Ultima a try.

    I find that Ultima, Hemavol, and Ultra Reps give me more "umph" than the stim products.
    I'm Back...


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