AnaBeta Elite+Erase Pro+Alphamine+D-pol/Test Powder

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  1. AnaBeta Elite+Erase Pro+Alphamine+D-pol/Test Powder

    This is a continuation of a thread I started featuring Anabeta OG, Test Powder, and Muscle Marinade. I've been cutting for the last 4 weeks (sorta) but starting Monday I'm going to be on a strict 8 week cut with named supplements. All supps will be ran for the full 8 weeks except for D-pol, which will be ran for the first 4 weeks, followed by Test Powder for the 4 weeks following. And I've got Muscle Marinade on the side for a little extra stim if needed.

    Just thought I'd get the thread going so I've got some peeps already in and ready to give me their much appreciated feedback when Monday comes. I've been doing Wendler's 5-3-1 with high rep accessory work so I'm getting the best of both worlds; heavy compound exercises mixed in with isolated pump-up exercises...I'm really liking this routine! Okay, so I'm totally excited to run this stack and see what my body looks like after 8 weeks! Pics, measurements, and diet will be posted on Sunday...stay tuned!

    Previous Thread...Test Powder+Anabeta+Muscle Marinade

    And here's a preemptive "THANKS!" to everyone who brings their guys are the one's that motivate me to keep going!
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    In bro
    Yes! Wouldn't be a party without the bean5er! Good to have you, bro!
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  9. Whoa...I'm getting all the big players! (ego swell for teh win!) Be sure that the next 8 weeks will be the most aggressive and strict routine I've ever done. Especially with you guys looking on. I'm definitely ready to KILL it!
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    Lots of love in here bud. Keep killing it bro

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    Lots of love in here bud. Keep killing it bro
    I am FEELIN' the love in here, for sure! Got my heart racing lol! I can tell you this much, every one of you will be in the gym with me, at the back of my mind, pushing me onward!
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  20. Killer stack! I'm in!
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    Killer stack! I'm in!
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    Big Pimpin' John in the house...NICE!
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