Triazole, activate xtreme, lean xtreme, animal stak help

  1. Triazole, activate xtreme, lean xtreme, animal stak help

    Hey guys first post here and I have some questions on how to stack these four items together to get the
    most out of them. I'm not super excited about the animal stak but I have a can of it so I figured why not use it to help jump start this stack.
    First of all I'm 230 so should I really take 6 caps a day of AX or am I ok with 4? Secondly should I start all 4 together at the same time or should I start Triazole, lean xtreme, and animal stak together and then add AX two weeks in? Looking to run triazole and ax for 8 weeks and lean xteme for the first 4. Thanks for the advice and help guys.


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