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  1. I eat 5 berry protein bars a day Lol

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Bamski View Post
    I tried PB&J quest bar. Not bad! But if I wanted a PB&J I would make one. I usually try to curve my non existent sweet tooth with like the chocolate kind, or the cinnamon bun swirl!
    I wish I had a non existent sweet tooth

  3. I am not a big fan of protein bars but if I had to choose one I would say Quest. Also try heating it up for 3 seconds before eating it...it's pure nom nom But eat 2 of them in one day and you will lose 3lbs by in matter of minutes

  4. A newer one I like is power crunch. No sugar alcohols. My kids eat em for breakfast

  5. Try true bar com I think is the name. Create your own bar and reasonably priced.

  6. Ive never heard of most of these brands til this thread...good info guys

  7. Quote Originally Posted by good2Badawg View Post
    Ive never heard of most of these brands til this thread...good info guys
    Protein bars to our favorite supps, We like to share the love

  8. I just tried the Quest bar new flavor banana nut muffin and it was pretty good but I am
    sure when I nuke it for 10 seconds it will be even better. They all taste better once you
    nuke them for 10 or 12 seconds and the ingredient profile is excellent.

  9. Quest, hands down
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  10. Okay I think I've seen Quest bars in Walmart....never really thought about them much until this thread. Think I'll try 'em! How about Fortifex? Been thinking about trying them too.
    As for whether protein bars are good or not for including in the diet I think it boils down to personal choice, schedule, etc. I don't eat them on a regular basis but I do eat them as sort of a meal replacement between my bigger meals. With my work schedule and being on the road a lot, I find it easy 2 pack food in my cooler that doesn't require heating up, etc.

    Just my humble 3 cents

  11. If interested in Quest, here's my take on the best flavors:

    A Brief Review of Every Quest Bar Flavor + Rankings
    The above is my own opinion and does not reflect the opinion of PES

  12. I must admit, I love the candy bar taste of Oh Yeah! bars. Especially PB Caramel. I buy them as an alternative to a candy bar though, not necessarily a lean source of Protein.

  13. Good choice! Cinnamon roll is freaking delicious.

  14. Glad I saw this thread I came here to make a thread about Quest bars. First off the profile rocks. Can any other bar really come close? I'm generally asking.

    Tried my first Quest bar the other night. Got a box off Amazon. Chocolate Brownie. Thought it was good, but the jaws got a massive workout. So I read online about putting them in the microwave. Nuked it for ten seconds.

    OH MY GOD. Seriously it was like a warm out of the oven brownie. It was absolutely delicious. It is going to be hard for me not to polish off a box at a time now. This is like the Lamborghini of protein bars. I honestly see no reason for ME to buy any other brand right now.

    Yes, they are a tad expensive compared to others, but the quality to me is completely worth it here. Higher quality, plus best tasting protein bar=no brainer in my opinion. Going to look at ordering straight from them on the auto ship thing to save more money because these are going to be a staple of my cuts especially from now on.

    As for the why not get tuna: Variety dude. I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth, especially at night. This satisfies it while also being good for me. **** tuna it ain't satisfying that for me.
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    PM me with any questions!

  15. Once I put the Quest Bar in the microwave it just enhanced the flavor and made it even better.
    I actually picked up a variety box which has 11 flavors so I am able to try each one to see which
    ones I like the best and then I will buy a box of 12 of the flavors I like the best.


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