Best PCT to maximize test. increase from Androgel?

  1. Best PCT to maximize test. increase from Androgel?

    I'm thinking whatever I choose will not matter much long term as my body will go back to normal but wanted to ask. My doctor wrote me a 1 month supply for Androgel 1% for what I believe to be true overtraining that I have been going thru for a year now. After I got the script, I read about how much of a joke that stuff is and decided to take it all in 2 weeks and move on so not to cause a long term shutdown. I have 5 days left, and was wondering how I should take my supplements to maximize whatever little gains I may have gotten, if any.
    I have Erase, Active Extreme, Anabeta, Form-X, some 11-oxo put away, and Endosurge. I bought all of these out of desparation the last few months to help my quads, depression, and apathy recover but realized that rest and time are the best things to heal my stupidity of running crazy amounts. Is there a good plan to time my supps?

  2. wow man..just, wow.

    you saw a doc, got a script, didn't follow directions and used come to a public forum to ask how to rescue the situation and use your supps?

    it sounds like you need a break. from everything.
    go back and talk to your doc.

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