Joint discomfort and AI's

  1. Joint discomfort and AI's

    The joint pain that some of us feel when on these (such as Erase/E.Pro in this case), is the pain caused from actual damage which is occurring to our joints? Or is the pain something that you can just grit your teeth and deal with if you choose to? Always wondered that.

    And do all AI's cause that? Anything that lowers estrogen?


  2. It's not damage, per se. If I understand correctly, estrogen causes water retention and AI's can decrease fluid levels within the joints by decreasing E. I noticed that my joints were right back to normal within a week after I adjusted my dosages. I did play it a bit safe on the heavier end of things, supposing that my joints might be more prone to injury if they were dry, but that's just conjecture on my part.

  3. I see. Before I did feel slight discomfort, but I just dealt with it and didn't lower dosage. And after coming off, the joint pain did subside. I just wanted to know mainly for my dad. He's been taking Erase Pro and from what I can tell I don't think he's noticed much, except that after playing golf he said it felt like someone hit his knee with a hammer. I told him to switch to EOD dosing, I'm just worried about his joints. If he took something that I suggested that hurt him...I'd feel pretty bad about it. Hope none of the people that can provide a definitive answer who produce such popular AI's aren't dodging the question, because I'm kinda getting that vibe..

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