Cutting Stack

  1. Cutting Stack

    Well, I'm finally feeling motivated enough again to take the plunge into competing.... And well I wanna see what kind of supp line you guys can come up with to get me that "overall" on the score sheets.

    Comp I'm thinking of doing is September 24th, I'm just not sure if pro-hormones would cause me to fail the drug test or not.

    IF pro-hormones would cause me to, then the comp I'm looking at doing is August 13...

    I'd have to drop to 153.25 and go lightweight either way, which is kind of a big cut for me since I'm 177 right now at 9-10% bf.

    I'm a straight line Meso. so just want to get a feel for what I should be planning as a supplement regiment.

    I'm mid h-drol/k-drol/trenazone cycle so how long before I could do a natural show?

    This is some options: (All with ECA stack)
    Alpha T2/Eviscerate:Smoulder/Stoked
    Sustain Alpha/Alpha T2/T-force

    Any thoughts?

  2. Cant understand what your really asking ?

    If they test any PH will prolly make u fail.

  3. if its a natty competition, they will definetly test the winners. thats also unethical.

  4. Well I'd compete in the NPC and from what I hear, since they don't have a banned list... Any OTC supplement is okay to take. Clarify if I'm wrong, preferably from someone who competes. (No offense to those who don't)

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