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  1. Bulk Unflavored Protein

    I'm here at a NATO base in Afghanistan and there is a local guy with a shop that sells energy drinks, nuts, teas and coffees. He is looking to add protein drinks (fruit smoothies I guess) and asked me to help him in finding a protein he could use. I've looked a bit online and found some sources for unflavored whey, and was hoping someone could steer me to a good source with decent weight to dollar value and information of whether or not there was a better product to use.

    What I've found price-wise ran about 50 bucks for 5 pounds of whey. Is this reasonable?

    Any help would be appreciated. For anyone else that might be over here, I'm at KAF, and am searching for Arshad on the boardwalk. For those not here, there are a number of shops owned/ran by locals that sell food, locally made items and novelities from india and pakistan, jewelry, and carpets and silk items. They make life here a little bit more bearable and earn a few bucks for their families in the city. Its the KAF version of a strip mall. And a place to spend money!!


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    Is that including shipping?

    What you've got is $10/lb. (which is what I'll pay for a GOOD protein; not an unflavored).

    I'd recommend a vanilla, to be honest. It would probably go much better with the fruits and such. You can find decent vanilla whey for closer to $5-7 / lb when you buy in huge bulk quantity (doesn't factor in shipping).
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  3. NutraBio sells 50lbs of whey for $230 on ebay... Just a thought. With shipping it comes out to like $5 per pound. Check their feedback as well, customers seemed pleased.

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