Year Long Carnitine Tartrate Cycle For Increased AR + Muscle Hardness ... Thoughts?

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    Year Long Carnitine Tartrate Cycle For Increased AR + Muscle Hardness ... Thoughts?

    So guys...Ive been thinking when I get some extra finances instead of shelling it out any worthless supplements I might not need, rather to focus on something like a year long cycle of some LCLT at around 1gram per day...Either for 6 months on with a month off, and then another 6 months on...Or just a straight one years supplementation...

    What im interested in is to see if I can permenantly upregulate my AR function but also get a permenant Increase in AR in my Skeletal muscle?

    What chances are there that a 6-12month long cycle of this would be able to lead to increased Muscle Hardness/Density as One of the other main benefits I would expect from this is to see if it can lead to more denser muscle rather than just size and strength.

    So...anybody care to share their thoughts on wether benefits like this could be acheived with some LCLT supplementation for a long period or even if other benefits would be expected?

    Thanks guys.

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    No one knows. LCLT is just one of those products we don't know a lot about.

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