Prohormones for beginners

  1. Prohormones for beginners

    Im cutting at the moment, whilst trying to maintain my muscle mass (obviously) but want to make it a little easier.
    Im quite experienced with various supplements, eg ZMA, mild test boosters, creatine, hmb, different types of protein, but Im looking to start on something stronger.
    I'v done some research and I know that steroids definately arent for me, but prohormones look like more of a route that i would like to go down.
    Im 18, and I would like to know what prohormone supplements I should try, with what cycle and with what PCT.
    Thank you for any advice you can give me.
    oh, and i dont want to inject stuff.

  2. I would advise against it. 18 is a little young, 21 seems to be the time when it's ok to go PH.

  3. And PH's are steroids. Just thought Id point that out.


  4. Just train hard and eat big.

  5. no.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  6. cheers guys.

  7. where do i recognize the name rhys from? o.O

  8. I wouldn't recommend PH's/DS's. Take some Diesel Test Hardcore and you'll feel like an f'ing animal.
  9. UKStrength
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    21 is a little too young mate, perhaps try another testosterone booster, what ones have you used in the past?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by JoHNnyNuTZ View Post
    And PH's are steroids. Just thought Id point that out.
    Beat me to typing it.

  11. thanks for the advice on the diesel test hardcore, started it a few days ago and it feels good!

  12. Good ****! Thats why I love this place, so many awesome people with alot of experience. They will point you in the right direction!!


  13. Take it from someone who dove in at your age: It's not worth it.

    Basics and maybe a performance powder.


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