Anyone on here against T-boosters?

  1. Anyone on here against T-boosters?

    I'm part of another training forum and all are against T-boosters. Most T-boosters that are the most powerful and seem to work, have also been on the market for a relatively short time and lack extensive research. These are some of the arguments made. Others include building up your testosterone by lifting heavy in the squats, deadlifts, and bench, while maintaining a balanced and healthy diet.

    Now, is there anyone on here who can provided sounds reasons as to why someone should not take a T-booster? I'm very close to purchasing Testopro.

  2. How old are you?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by lonewolf0420 View Post
    How old are you?
    I am 25 years old.

  4. OK, just asking.

    No sound reason why you shouldn't try them. They work for most, but everyone is different.

  5. I agree, there is no reason why you should not. Here is my take on Test Boosters, there is no research out there that makes them a no brainer as far as whether they actually work or not. There is research that "suggests" that they work but I have never seen anything that is definitive. That is why there is such a debate on this site as to whether they really work or not.

    All that being said, I use Diesel Test Hardcore and have for about a year. I THINK it works because I feel different when I am on it and I THINK it helped me recover from a PH cycle that I did. But do I KNOW it works....nope. Do I spend my hard earned money on it basically every month....yep.

    Point is.....I think that some of them are worth the money but I do not attribute much of my gains in the gym to Test Boosters but I seem to feel better and my libido is great and I know that my aggression is level is higher on DTHC but as far as the is just not proven yet.

  6. You kinda just have to make yourself the guinea pig and pay attention to your body,and mind. I have a wellness coach at my job and he was trying to tell me the same thing"Stay away,it's crap,your wasting your money..." But just like anything else..someone telling me that it is bad just made me want to dive in and dabble with the stuff. Bottomline is that you you have to draw your own conclusion.


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