slim xtreme

  1. slim xtreme

    they ever figure out what was in SX?

  2. "Proline Analog [Phenyl-pyrrolidinyltoluene]"

    "diphenylmethyl pyrrolidine is the pyrrolidine analog of desoxypiradrol. and if it is anything like desoxypipradrol it is a very long lasting stimulant.

    the related diphenyl-2-pyrrolidinyl-methanol has been associated with cardiovascular toxicity, it differs by an OH group"

    "^ the substance was identified from a posted Mass spectrum. that mass spectrum shows the molecule contains the diphenyl methyl group also known as the benzhydryl group there is no doubt about that. diagnostic ions are M/z 70 for substituted pyrroles C4H8N+ and 165 for diphenyl methane C13H9+

    So if the mass spectrum posted here was obtained from GC-MS of a genuine sample, then Slim xtreme contains either 2-(diphenylmethyl) pyrrolidine or 3-diphenylmethyl pyrollidine.

    case closed. no further debate required."

  3. Sorry, couldn't find the :beating a dead horse: one.

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  4. Quote Originally Posted by T-AD View Post

    Sorry, couldn't find the :beating a dead horse: one.

    Snarky yet funny

  5. Phenyl-pyrrolidinyltoluene then goes to diphenylmethyl pyrrolidine
    then "related" to diphenyl-2-pyrrolidinyl-methanol which of course is an OH GROUP OFF which is HUGE in CHEMS. Was the sample indeed genuine? Who took it? Was it a certified lab? Was it from a sealed container or bottle? Who distributed it? Lots of unanswered questions.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by T-AD View Post

    Sorry, couldn't find the :beating a dead horse: one.


  7. Lots of answers to those questions if you just do the simple research on these forums and on the bluelight forums.

  8. Drug enthusiast board is not credible either. Neither is how the product was handled and the tests faxed etc etc...


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