My Stack...advice? Trying the impossible!

  1. My Stack...advice? Trying the impossible!

    About me first. I'm 29 years old, 5'10", 185 lbs. I started working out about a year ago. Before that I was a 150 pound twig, so I have definitely put on some lean mass. I don't have alot of extra weight but I can't see my abs as much as I'd like. I'm looking to gain strength while cutting and was wondering if you guys could give me some advice on my supplement stack.

    OxyElite Pro - 2 in am, 1 in pm.( just starting this week)
    Myofusion Protein - 1 shake a couple hours after breakfast and another immediately following workout.
    Jack3d - only 1 scoop now 30 min before workout (cutback due to OEP).
    Optimen multi - 1 with every meal.
    Sizeon Pre-contest - during workout
    Pro Complex - 1 Shake before bed

    Im trying to eat a lower carb, low calorie diet (no more beer or drinking). Egg whites in the morning, a clean lunch (turkey or tuna on wheat), and chicken or fish for dinner.

    Im still lifting 4-5 days a week and counting my ice hockey 2 days a week as cardio.

    Any advice on a mistake I'm making or something I'm overlooking would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  2. the only thing that caught my eye was...only listing 3 meals...your going to want to eat 4 or 5 smaller meals a day, keeps your metabolism higher, easier to burn off the calories while keeping the body fed more often to keep building muscle, muscle is a great fat burner...the more muslce you have the more calories your body burns naturally...and hockey is great cardio, so i don't think you have to worry about gaining fat even if you do boost your calories to a higher amount
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  3. Good point, I did forget to mention snacks throught the day like protein bars, apples, nuts, oranges, and stuff like that.

  4. I also forgot about my NO2 pills. Im not taking them now cuz Im not sure if they will have adverse effects on my current stack. Would it be ok to take them?

  5. It's very hard to gain strength and cut unless your adding aas into the equation. Normally to cut your going to loose some muscle mass.

    Maybe look into the ultimate diet 2.0 or carb cycling.

    Let's first talk diet.

    Your 185lbs and let's assume a mod metabolism
    185 x 17= 3145 cal a day
    185 x 2= 370g protein per day x4= 1480 cal
    roughly 47% of ur total daily cal

    start off with a high protein diet
    carbs .33 x 3145 = 1037 cal/4= 260g day
    fat .2 x 3145 = 629 cal/9= 70g day

    so now u need to make your meals... U want 6 a day. Each meal has ptotein and the same amount. Carbs are with every meal except the last before bed. Fats are with every meal except postworkout.
    Meal break down:
    roughly 60g protein
    roughly 50g carbs (no before bed so only 5 meals)
    roughly 14g fat (no with postworkout shake)

    then every few days drop the carbs to barely any to help shock ur body.

    You know the type of foods u should be eating hopefully. Get a food log going and a electronic scale.

    This is just a sample. You have to figure out what works for ur body. So go fir 4 wks and see. Track ur weight. What happened during this time? Then make minor changes and go another couple wks then reassess again. Good luck.

  6. yeah i don't see a problem with the no2 since ur preworkout is jack3d and it's not really a pump product as much as it is an energy product you should be ok
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