Halo+ M Drol pulse

  1. Talking Halo+ M Drol pulse

    Ok lets get my history out of the way..
    I'm 187 lbs.
    Have used
    m Drol H Drol and The One.
    And I had pretty good lean results.

    So back to the jist of this post.
    I have never "Pulsed" a PH.
    I'm planning on pulsing Halo and M Drol and wasn't exactly sure
    How to do it 100% properly.
    And I've heard if I pulse for 4 weeks, I don't need a PCT?
    Any help appreciated

  2. Correction*
    197* lbs

  3. Please read the "PS/Steroid talk does not go here" sticky at the top of this sub-forum. All your questions can be answered in Anabolics section.

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