eca stack?

  1. eca stack?

    What is the best way to do this ..... 3 seperate products or one supplement that has all three?

  2. have you tried a search yet? tons of info out on this!

    i'm about 3wks into my first run of it right now. its to cheap not to buy it separate.
    caff. 100x200mg tabs for 8$
    81mg lo dose asprin was like 12$ for 300+ tabs
    bronkaid 60caps for 10$

    and your done!
    i didnt taper in to easy, within 2 days or so i hit full dose and it kinda thew me for a loop. so go into it slow since you'll be running it 6-8wks.

  3. Whoa, that's really cheap for 60ct Bronkaid, I've always bought it for $14.

  4. Or you can go to wal-greens or walmart.

    Go seperate. That way you can adjust the doses more freely and ease into it like TX already mentioned
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