Noob needs help

  1. Noob needs help

    Ok so I will start off by apologizing if this thread is in the wrong forum.

    To be begin I will preface this by saying that I have worked out off and on throughout high school for my sports (swim team, soccer, wrestling) so I know the basics around the gym, but that is about as serious as my knowledge gets. I have recently graduated college and am working full time and find myself with an abundance of free time and the four years of college has left me a little soft around the middle. Nothing severe, but I need to cut some weight. I am 22 years old 6'3'' 248 lbs. I have a wide build and still hold some muscle.

    I guess to finally get to my questions....A friend turned me on to Superpump 250 and that has turned me into a crazy person in the gym. I have never worked out with supplements before and I am now a believer. I don't know what is effective and what is safe to mix with eachother to create a stack. I have muscle milk power, but a friend at the gym told me Gold Standard Whey is much better. I have been reading alot about Purple Wraath and Xtend, but didn't know if I should mix one of these with Superpump (safe??) or take it pre/during/post workout. Any recommendations, thoughts, experiences would be helpful.

    I have all this time at night now with no homework and I need a hobby and I have loved my last month and a half in the gym.

    Thanks for the help guys.

  2. make sure your diet is strict and sound before you go looking for the "miracle" pill because its not out there. since your jus getting started with supplementing stick to the basics

    whey protein
    multi vitamin
    bcaa ( branch chain amino acids )

    these are all the essential supplements you need for a better workout, better results, and a faster recovery.

    read up on articles about nutrition and these supplements so you have a better understanding of why you need them and how they help you.

  3. I would drop the muscle milk and opt for some whey. Gold standard is good for the money. Take your superpump preworkout and sip Xtend or White Flood intraworkout. As stated, get your staples and don't forget the fish oil.

  4. What is the purpose of fish oil?

  5. Omega 3s, DHA, EPA. Some of the essential fatty acids you need.

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    The guys who posted above have pretty much hit it on the head. Make sure these three factors are in place before worrying about supplements:

    1. Diet (quality as well as quantity i.e. don't just 'count calories')
    2. Training Program (adequate volume, intensity and frequency of sessions)
    3. Recovery (sleep patterns, massage)

    Quote Originally Posted by bikeswimlive View Post
    What is the purpose of fish oil?
    Fish oil is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA specifically). A diet rich in these fatty acids is associated with a myriad of health benefits, notably those associated with inflammatory roots e.g. muscle/joint soreness, cardiovascular disease as well as improved insulin sensitivity.

    Shoot for at least 3g of EPA and DHA combined per day (not just total fish oil, check the label).

    Don't take it around training, try to spread the capsules out amongst your other meals.

  7. So it would be fine to take Superpump 250 pre workout and Xtend during?

  8. yep. though unless you work out for a long time, it may be cheaper and easier to just take a scoop of whey pre workout. the bcaa/eaa mix is primarily for those who either

    1 - don't take a preworkout shake
    2 - those whose workouts last 90 minutes or more - especially the MMA guys

    regardless, taking the bcaa/eaa mix won't hurt, that's for sure.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Chubbinmuffin View Post
    I would drop the muscle milk and opt for some whey. Gold standard is good for the money. Take your superpump preworkout and sip Xtend or White Flood intraworkout. As stated, get your staples and don't forget the fish oil.
    I wouldn't stack Sp/WF.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Dracoy View Post
    I wouldn't stack Sp/WF.
    Ah yeah, sorry. I meant Xtend or Purple Wrath.
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    Axcell is a great intra wo drink to increase stamina, endurance, and recovery. It may seam a little expensive but it's the best blend of BCAA's on the market.

  12. controlled labs, makers of purple wrath, have a great product line. i use their white flood mixed w/green mag for my pre-workout shake, then sip on Anabolic Extremes AXcell (bcaa drink) intra workout, then another dose of green mag post workout (immediately), then a whey pro. isolate shake within 15 min. post workout. the white flood and green mag. are a great stack, the AXcell is great intra workout to cut fatigue and improve/increase recovery..if u have the muscle milk, i say use it up, no point in wasting it, then move on to a whey protein/ and whey protein blend if $ permits..some powdered glutamine would be a great addition as well.. i think really, just getting back in the gym, eating right again, getting adaquate rest, you are going to respond to just about anything... just don't overdue it


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