Creatine Mono

  1. Creatine Mono

    I am starting my creatine mono loading tomorrow at 20g/day. Should I take that all at once or split into two doses. Does it really matter??

  2. Gonna steal this from another post of mine:

    "If your question will your body store the maximum creatine it can with that, then yes. I don't know why everyone is so worried about how much creatine they take in. That should be the least of their worries. During any given workout your creatine phosphate stores are replenished between sets. I know not fully, but sufficient. The problem is that people should be concerned about the enzyme (creatine kinase) that breaks down creatine phosphate so that the phosphate group can be used to resynthesize ATP. Being stored as creatine phosphate does nothing."

  3. i thought loading was unecessary now. Try stacking it with an insulin mimicker like
    d-pinotol .Taking 20 g in one go i would think would be hard on the kidneys, 4 x5g would be better spread evenly throughout the day but going back to my first sentence , i didnt think it was necessary to load up as was thought in the past.

  4. kre alkalyn i prefer

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