Starting My First Supplementation Cycle/Use

  1. Starting My First Supplementation Cycle/Use

    Alright I've ordered Sustain Alpha, Taco-8, Creature Creatine and IBCAA. I've just recently ordered these, so I won't get them until Monday or Tuesday. My question is how do i dose these?? I weigh 240 if that is a factor in the amount to take. Do i take them pre, post and intra workout? Just trying to get educated before thanks guys, any help will be appreciated.

  2. the best way is to wait to the products come usually they will have guidelines reccomended dosages etc, creatine is usually taken either all pre or pre and post bcaa usually taken intra and not sure on the others sustain im guessing? right after you take a shower in the morning when your dry not sure though.

  3. Alright thanks jump.

  4. Didn't I give you all the dosage guidelines yesterday? And there's also basic guidelines on the product page, i.e. Toco-directions are here , etc. Let me know if I wasn't clear though.

  5. Sorry Steve i keep forgetting you sent me that. Do i just go to user CP to look at messages sent to me?

  6. haha alright found it

  7. hahaha i thought u meant taco-8 i tried searching it and nothing came up was like wtf? but its toco-8 lol.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by jumpshot903 View Post
    hahaha i thought u meant taco-8 i tried searching it and nothing came up was like wtf? but its toco-8 lol.
    Yea there are quite a few people that type it is Taco. I guess it's a more familiar word

  9. lol darn typos

  10. Why not research the products before buying? ....when researching one usually finds the dosages out.

  11. Well i have researched, this is my first time using supps so i want to make sure i get it alright.. plus i'm a little excited to get started with them!


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