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    I know I posted forums b4. I lost someone in my life. Someone who I 'loved" I posted a forum on depression in the past. I almost cut myself due to it. its 2 am I spoke with my fam members bc I didn;t know how to handle it. I will be seeing a doc on Monday when he is open. Plz if anyone has a heart to plz contact me or text me because I am going through a rough time. Its not easy to go through depression and I need someone to talk to. If anyone out there has a heart please by all means txt me or call me. 919 594 9710 I know its strange but plz I am asking in gods name someone to talk to.

  2. its 2 am I am sorry if anyone has to read this but my heart is in pain. All I ask is if someone please have the decency to have a helping hand in gods name plz txt me or callme. Thank you all for all your help that I have been given I am so sorry in my heart but its hard for me plz understand. Please pray and please contact me if you are able to. Thank you all and everyone here on AM I am gratefull to be a member here.

  3. I have an email [email protected] or myspace page finding me under that email. Again I am dreadfully sorry and I feel very very bad about talking about it but I know there has to be someone out there to at least have a decency to call me u can block ur number if u like all I need is someone to talk to. My doc does not open till monday. I know its nothing to do with supplements or bodybuilding but its having to do with being a human. Im sorry if if it sounds stupid but any help is better than no help.

  4. I been through so much torment and missery and this is the outcome. Im sorry once again. My names Ryan if anyone wants to know. Thanks again for having me here in Am. I am most appreciated.


  6. Im sorry to hear about that... but since i live in singapore its a lil too far away... if no one has helped you out yet ill pm u my msn messenger address... dont worry AM brothers stick by each other...

  7. dude just hang in there until monday. i know it seems an awful long time away but keep yourself busy doing things you enjoy. nows the time to lean on friends and family. if i werent at work id messnger you but cant do it from here.

  8. i will keep you in my prayers.

  9. yeah like was mentioned above trying to keep busy somtimes helps to take your mind off things. if you have a Bible around try reading a few passages it really does help speaking from past experience just hold in there bro.

  10. Hey bro, were on eachothers friends list, You sound the same way I sounded a week ago man, Ive suffered tohrough a ton of depression, all kinds of meds, and all that seem sot help for me is exercise. You can add meon msn [email protected], and anyone else for that ,matter that is in the same boat and needs help. man if I didntnt have a loving girl right here with me Id of been dead long ago, and even if you dont have one man you have your brothers here, we wont let you down my man. Look below at my quote, we are all in this together ok man. Your not alone and although life sucks right now for you it could always get worse, you need to make a list of all the postivie things in your life that your thankful for and look it over 10 , 20 , 100 times a day, it really puts things into perspective.

    Life is hard man , and sometimes the world is real real cold isnt it. But think of it this way, if things are sooo awful they can only get better. Just dont do something stupid man, if your into fitness, you know theres no easy fix and noone gets anywhere taking the easy way out, So dont you start taking the easy way out now.

    Get in touch with me man, or I will to you very soon. Im really concerned as I hear some desperation in the way your writing. Breathe my friend, go for a walk, get the endorphins going, and surround yourself with the ones you love and the ones who love you. if those people arent around or few and far between then get talking to your brothers on here. I promise man we wont let you down!

  11. added my man, your not online though

  12. please man respond or something, Its late here and we just got rid of our long distance to save$ its gotta be messenger or on here, but i promise you dude I can help you

  13. this song is very inspirational

  14. I pray and thank tonight when I sleep to thank this place and the people who are here. Bodybuildings my goal. I am in tears for those who are heloing me plz dont give up. I need till monday. I WILL RUN NOVADEX FISH OIL AND RHODIOLA RHOSA TO COMBATE THIS. I can do this. I cant lose now.

  15. Its 5 am. my cortisols jack3d. My brains about to xplode. My body is so jittery. My heart feels to xplode out my heart. All I know is I am here =)..... and everyone here we stick togther as a team. I will respond tomorow. I WILL run navadex not for pct but I ran it before and the careless feeling I got I loved. Thinking of Novadex xt and Mass Fx if I can afford it. Thnx again. Feel free to call me or txt me.

  16. Its 10 I feel like crap. Going to get someherbs and some novadex. I just feel crappy today

  17. Hey bro. I just barley got on the computer here at work this morning. I don't get alot of time to spend on the computer. I just got your freind request and accepted it right before looking at this post. You are the first person who has asked me to be their freind and that made me feel good this morning. Then I read this and I am very sad to hear that you are feeling so low. You can touch peoples lives in so many ways. Just like making me feel a little better this morning. Hang in there every thing gets better with time. I know everybody always says that. But I know its true. I am a cofined space rescuer here at my work and I am going to have to leave the computer in a minute. But I will check back latter. You can e-mail me at [email protected]. My name is Tim. Thanks again for the freind request.

  18. Thank u tim. I did email u whenever u get it. Thanx again to all of u. If u ever have txting to help me out feel free to call or txt. Im going to get some grub I feel so $h*tty today.

  19. by herbs you dont mean weed do you? I know it used ot help my depression when I used to do it lots years ago, but its jsut temporary it will actually make your depression worse, not too mention lower your testosterone. you might dude want to think about getting off ALL your supplements, especially after the doc prescribles you medicine which Im guessing he will,all SSRI s are tough on your liver so absolutely NO methyls or excessive caffeine once he gives them to you, and again not sure he will but my guess is he will. Take a look outside man, take a look at the sun shining, and the clouds and the sky, we live in a beautiful part of the world, there is something to be thankful for right there.

  20. Yes and one thing I can be thankfull for one start is every one of you for sticking togther. I know it may be a pain in the a$$ but I have all of you to thank. SSRI he will and if so Milk Thisle is one way to go? I am on Fish Oil, Reversitol,Rhodiola Rosa thats the herbs =) not weed lol. Reversitol hopping to regain myself again and to balance out my test. She isnt good for me shes leaving today getting all her stuff. She never wanted to help me out with anything nor my family she took advantage over me and anything she could. Not this time. I am better than that. I am just trying to relax somehow I feel funny. Dunno its like a weird tingly feeling kinda. I mean feels like a slight lift kinda like a high feeling? I dunno but I seem to calm down. My breathing is slower now.

  21. Hey I emailed you back bro. This computer is being a major peice of crap. After I post it won't show any new posts until I log off of anabolic minds and then log back on. Not sure why it is doing this. I am not a computer wizard by any means.

  22. there you go man, if a girl is bringing you down, then now is the time ot be selfish and move on from her, if you dotn take care of yourself man noone will , ok? maybe not my place , but dont let a girl bring you down, get yourself together and the women will come bro, and ya we do stick together, thats why I wont go near BB.com, too many A holes there, this is the place you need to be my man,

  23. = ) thnx again searl12. Yes it is a wonderfull place and yeah bb.com sux I hate the ppl there. They are so cocky. I don't know long long the reversitol will kick in my system I should have got novadex xt. I dunno if its wise to go back and get Novadex and run 3 caps revesitol in the day and 2 caps novadex xt at night? Am I pushing it? I am bc I want to do what I can to better myself and make my alphamale come out and show that girl I dont need her in my life. Plus she has a kid that I babysat all the time I need someone that doesnt have an "already made" family. I am looking into powerfull to run but its Reversitol and maybe novadex if I can find better options. I feel so tired today I dunno why. OFf my eca and dont feel hungryat all. *sighs*

  24. again bro, it seems like your relying on supplements to make your life better, I know how that feels I myslef and many others on here are somewhat addicted as well, I can t remember the last time that I wasnt "ON" something be it creatine, protein powder, prohormones, or whatever, but the answer isnt in a pill or powder, its upstairs in your head and I honestly think you should get rid of everything that is a pill or powder and seee what the doctor says, he might end up giving you hormone replacement or soemthing, I really dont know, and who am I really seeing as I take a ton of supplements myself. just a thought man they may be playing tricks with your mind, and you dont need to prove anything to a girl. mine just stormed out cause shes upset over god knows what " I dont know how to love ehr when shes upset" or some crap, but you know what? I love her but wont let her bring me down, or blame me for her problems, Im gonna keep moving forward, and if its not with her man, then by myslef or with someone else, Dont base your life on "Bein g with someone" or "showing someone you dont need them" get to the gym, pump those weights, do that cardio, get a haircut lol, whatever you gotta do to bring yourself up, o do it for the next few days. start living for yourself for the time being, its not being selfish man sometimes you gotta simply look out for #1, we've all been there, thats the beauty of all this, there is a ton of help here for you, and all the posts are showing you that. i personally feel good for the fact that Im trying to hel you, and one day my friend you will help someone in the same spot as you are in. But Im not doing this for me, Im doing it cause Ive cried out for help before to friends and family and it fell on deaf ears, and I almost made a really selfish,stupid decision to take my own life. A move only a coward makes, you dont strike me STALLION as a coward, you came on here with all these muscle heads, all these big guys and asked for help which is a great victory for you in its own write. and the am brothers are here now, ok? Im off to the gym now cause my girl has me in the dumps for no reason, but I wont let her bring me down, I go now thinking of you, of all you guys, Id be dead id it wasnt for exercising and the commitment that ti takes, somehow it has kept me going. I'll be thinking about you man, I'll rip it up for you good, Im gonna curl the 55's for 8 today, most i ever did was 6 in each hand, today i go for 8 and I KNOW I CAN DO IT! and I KNOW you can get through this minor little bump in your road. I'll be with you the whole way man, others may come in and out but im here till your ok, I want constant updates, I want to know too exactly what the doctor said, ( IVE SEEN LOTS FOR DEPRESSION ) in no way am I trying to be your mom, I just need the info to help as best i can. Im off bro, i suggest if your up to it you do the same!

  25. I will rip some clean and press today and maybe arms...when I do arms I will remember hat u said and I will have the most mind blowing pump I ever had felt. I will keep updates on the doc and everything else. Right now I seem a bit calm maybe the revistol and Fish Oil and Rhodiola is really helping but overall I seem a bit calm. I;ll be back going to go eat

  26. I love that your so down and out and still keeping at the body building goals. another victory for Stallion!

    I admire your courage, and encourage others who are silently suffering to speak out now.

  27. depression is a roller coaster, im kind of used to the ride now.


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