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  1. Stop starring at my hot avatar lol j/k

  2. Ass traffic hahaha Bangbus ummmmmm jennahaze.com lemme see................ Mia Bangg, Lauren phoeneix, Ashley Blue,Nikita Denise,Brianna Banks,Jenna Jameson nah my mind aint in the gutter = D

  3. Ass traffic time! Enjoy everyone my pressent to all of you!


  4. Hey bro, I wish I had seen this earlier. You can shoot me an email at InfusedParadox@hotmail.com If you have an xbox 360, my gamertag is CxC Preacher, I may be only 22 but I have learned to tackle suicidal depression using my own mind. I will not allow my happiness to be defendant upon anything other than Jesus.

    If you want to txt my + is 614-596-5455, I am in Ohio, where are you?

    I have gotten bored of listing my issues, because its quite a long list(like being 35K in debt at 22 thanks to 4 years of hell, being jobless on top of that, watching the love of my life marry another man, etc.) And really have just found ways to combat it all. I am that guy who gets 2am and 4am phone calls so nothing really bothers me.

    Try some Phenibut if you want a mood booster.

    Hit me up. You can call as long as its like after 9pm. My cell is also my biz phone, since I just started being a roofer.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Stallion83 View Post
    Ass traffic time! Enjoy everyone my pressent to all of you!

    my pants just got tighter for some reason o.o

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Stallion83 View Post
    Ass traffic time! Enjoy everyone my pressent to all of you!

    god girls are fckn whores, obviously id rock that broad but jesus , if I ever have a daughter im gonna blow my brains out

  7. actually she looks kind of loose and used up, id still hit it though

  8. lol We all use her like a door knob! Whooohooooooo!

  9. Well I got my meds adderal, Wellbutrinand well I looked up so much info and all and they both have effects on weight loss so thats a great thing. I am looking forward to it and just getting my diet even cleaner than it is now. But again my doc prescribed them to me and its suppose to help synergesitcally wilth one another. Since adderal makes you more alert and wellbutrin makes mea lil drowsny theres no perfect match!. Adderal is great and its like an eca all on its own wow this stuff is really kicking my ass holy shizznitz! Woooooooooooooohoooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooo yeah Trish strauts is so phucking hot damnit I just wanna eat her up like a half piece chicken 3 side dinner from Boston Market Oh yeah!

  10. whats Boston Market?

  11. lol chicken restaraunt. I am back from gym. Taking whey. Cooking dinner feeling good


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