Protein and Acne?!

  1. Protein and Acne?!

    Hey guys, so I started taking ON protein a couple months ago and the back side of my arms have been breaking out like crazy.. I at first attributed it to my cycle of M-drol that ended a couple months ago. Then after it just wanted going away or dying down at all my protein was the only other thing I had changed. I quit taking on 3 days ago and my arms have started finally clearing up. Is it possible there could be any correlation? Could it be from too much protein? I've never heard of this happening to anyone before... Kinda hoping someone out there has had the same or similar thing happen? Thanks in advance guys!

  2. Could be a rash, How is your lactose tolerance?

  3. It's good never had a problem with being allergic to anything thats why this threw me off. It has definitely looked like a rash because is was just the whole backside of both my arms, looked disgusting started wearing sleeves into the gym to hide it haha

  4. What if any other supplements are you taking?

  5. nothing, been off everything besides protien for the past 2 months. last thing i ran was a phera mdrol bridge about 3 months ago

  6. Were you doing the protein while on the phera-Mdrol bridge?

  7. made the switch from iso mass to ON 100% whey toward the end of it

  8. i have an old bottle of eas sitting here i keep handy for when i run out of protein and the only difference on the ingredient labels is lactase....

  9. Quote Originally Posted by powelson86 View Post
    made the switch from iso mass to ON 100% whey toward the end of it
    It might have been the PH you were taking, I break out usually near the end of cycles and the first of the PCT. and it's usually on the shoulders or the side of my arms. It's the subbaccious(sp) glands that produce extra oil during this time from the increase of Testosterone. I know I misspelled the name of that gland but basically more test means more pimples, That's why teenage boys have pizza faces.


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