Going All The Whey (samples)

  1. Going All The Whey (samples)

    I received a package yesterday from Marcus at All The Whey. I'd like to thank him for the awesome selection of samples. I was assuming one, two, maybe three samples, but oh my gosh there had to be like 30 sample packets. I got Whey Blends, Whey Concentrates, and Whey Isolates of alot of different flavors. I will rate them when i have the chance to try them. I will try to rate them on taste (of course), consistency, and ease of mixing.

  2. ATW Whey Blend Cinnamon Bun

    10/10. This was what everyone said it would be. I was hyped as can be for this and i made a shake with 8 oz of milk as soon as i got the package. Wow, probably the best tasting protein ive ever had.

    Consistency and Ease of Mixture

    9/10. This stuff wasnt too thick or too watery. I shook it up in my nutraplanet shaker cup, and it still had small clumps in it. I actually enjoyed the "flavor" clumps, but i know thats not somes bag, so i gave it an 9.

  3. All the Whey Fat-Free Isolate Strawberry

    I made it with 8oz skim milk.


    8.0/10. The strawberry flavor is good. Its not too sweet and not too bland. I gave it a 8 because ive had some strawberry whey that i liked alittle more. The more i drank it the more the flavor grew on me.


    9.0/10. The protein mixes up well. It does create an even mixture, and the clumping is almost non-existant.

  4. All The Whey Protein Blend Banana

    Made it with 8 oz of milk

    9.5/10. Extremely tasty. One of the best flavored protein i have ever had, besides ON Cookies and Cream and ATW Cinnabun.


    9.0/10. Apparently most of the clumping comes from the isolates. The blend mixed up smooth in my shaker cup. I might use a blender next time i use the Isolate

  5. Fat-Free Whey Isolate Grape

    I mixed it up with my shaker cup with 8 oz of water


    4.0/10.0. Wow, i thought this stuff tasted horrible. I was able to stomach it all done. Next time i will try to use it with grape juice or something besides water. I cant really find a similar taste, but i did chug it.


    7.0/10.0 Alittle clumpy, but honestly with all the chugging couldnt really tell.

  6. Fat-Free Whey Isolate Chocolate

    Mixed in shaker cup with 8oz of milk


    8.5/10.0 Very good tasting chocolate. I really liked the flavor. It kinda tasted like the brownies my mom used to make, i think they were chocolate fudge. The only reason for 8.5 is because i havent found a chocolate flavor i dont like, but it was still very good.


    7.0/10. Very clumpy. I know its because its the isolate, but it did make the mixture very thick, and i kinda liked that. Felt more filling.

  7. All the Whey Protein Blend Peaches and Cream


    9.0/10.0 This stuff was tasty to say the least. I drank it down so fast because the taste was so good. It was probably the best fruit flavored whey protein besides the normal strawberrys and bananas.


    10.0/10.0 Absolutely no clumping. Was smooth and rich shake. Exactly what i needed after 30 minutes of cardio.


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