Distilled Water does Cissuc-Dol 8 weeks

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  1. Yea I'd say so. I have veins running all thru my things and shins, running up to my abdomen, now when training legs. My legs stay pretty lean year round so its kinda whatever about loseing fat there. But who doesn't wan to lose fat on their abbs? This part was awsome.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  2. Great log DW, we want to thank you again for being a tester!

  3. BUMP this for final pictures beeing attached with the Main Review.

    Some subtle difference's. I can see my waist is smaller and my chest is leaner. All while gaining a great deal of strength.

    I didn't have any pics of my legs because of that nasty ingrown hair. it made my right thigh look about 30" because it was so swollen.

  4. I got my bloodwork back from the Dr. but dont be so happy as I wasn't. They didnt have the Test or FREE test levels on it. They're suppose to be in later this week or early next week.

    Everything else was great! lol
  5. Blood Work

    I must have un-installed my scanning software because it wont let me scan. I will look this weekend to find the program and get the hard copy up here.

    I didn't take bloodwork before the run but I have a good idea of where my body is at from bloodwork I get done every 4-6 months. I have a baseline im almost always at, which I'll go by.

    Lets get the big ones outta the way

    Total Testosterone
    Pre: between 610-630
    Post: 611

    Free Test
    Pre: 18.1-18.9
    Post: 21.1

    Liver Funtions
    Pre: 23-25
    Post: 24
    Pre: 24-30
    Post: 30

    Pre: 98-103
    Post: 88

    Pre: 110-115
    Post: 108

    Pre: 30-45
    Post: 35

    Pre: 55-66
    Post: 64

    Everything else was in normal range. My total test didn't really change much but my free test got a nice boost. Also lowing my blood glucose some how



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