Distilled Water does Cissuc-Dol 8 weeks

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  1. Day 51

    Didn't train 2day. I got one hella huge ingrown hair on my inner-thigh and it hurts real bad and doing legs would have gave me a huge pump and my thigh would have rubbed together makeing it unbareable to walk. Sorry guys no test on legs, but just looking at my workout journal I can say with 100% certiney(sp?) that they got stronger than they would have w/o Cissus-Drol.

    Weight: 184.1
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  2. Day 52

    Weight :183.6

    Man im starvin today, since i've hit my diet at near 100% for the last 2 weeks Im hungry alot more so I have also added another small meal later. I had a good workout 2day. I felt real strong and and stil looking real hard.

    I got the goal I had set out on 2day. Great feeling.

    2 More Days !!!!!! 10 more pills...
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  3. Maybe you should add an appetite suppressant?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by DR.D View Post
    Maybe you should add an appetite suppressant?
    I was thinking about it, but since my weight has stayed the same over the past week and my waist hasn't grown I dont think the extra cals are hurting anything.
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  5. I also would like to note im getting bloodwork done 2maro morning at my moms office. I had gotten blood work done before my run at havoc, I just never looked at any of it because The doc said everything looked good. I'll get that to compare to my levels after this journey. I got tested.....

    Total Testosterone
    Free Test
    Liver panel
    Full Cholesterol

    *I wanted to get some stuff with estrogen but the doc only lets me do so much because I ask for them so often with insurance blah blah blah garbage.
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  6. Day 53/54

    Just got done at the Dr. office. Blood was taken and I should know in about a week or so how im doing.

    Yesterday was a killer workout. My inner forarms are sore today from going so heavy on Barbell curls. I ended at 115 for 8. My arms felt huge, vascularity was insane.

    I have 3 pills left, Just took 1. I'm going to workout later 2nite and I'll get back to you guys on the shoulder press #'s.

    I'll take pic 2maro morning and measurements. I cheated a little and measured my waist the other day. You guys are gonna be in for a nice surprise.
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  7. Final Review

    Well guys I'm all done. No more pills left. I took measurements this morining but dont know where I put them. I have a lot of Chem stuff laying around my computer and Im sure it's in with the mess.

    Starting Weight: 185.5
    Final Weight: 184.2 (-1.3lbs)

    Final Measurements:

    Waist: 31 5/8" ( -1/4 )

    *Straight arm cold
    Right Arm:14 3/8" ( +1/8 )
    Left Arm: 14 1/2" ( +1/8 )
    Right Foream: 12 1/2" (=)
    Left Forearm: 12 1/2 " ( + 1/4 )

    Cest arm pit to arm pit: 17 1/2" ( + 1/4 )
    Chest: 43 5/8" ( + 5/8 )

    *3" above kneee
    *Right leg: 22 1/2" ( +3/8 )
    *Left leg: 22 1/8" ( +3/8 )
    Right Thigh: 24 1/2" ( - 1/8 )
    Left Thigh: 24 1/8" ( +1/8 )
    Right Calf: 15 1/2" (=)
    Left Calf: 15 1/2" (=)

    Neck: 17 3/8" ( +1/8 )
    Shoulders: 48 7/8" ( +3/4 )


    Overall Impressions:

    Libido 9/10
    It took about a week to kick in. I could def. tell when it was there. Every morning was rock hard wood. I even got wood sitting in the middle of class. I felt like an 8th grader again.

    Lean Mass
    I tried my best to eat at or just above maintence. Some days I was lower on cals than others which may have led to not as explosive gains. None the less I know I put on lean mass. The numbers are slightly up on the tape measure and my waist size is down. You can't really ask for much more than that.

    I came close to setting alot of P.R's while doing this. If I would have came into testing 100% Im sure I would have broken them. But I wasn't so I can only give 9/10 in this area.

    Joint Pain
    My kness, elbows, and ankles started to get real bad when I bumped to 4 a day. It wasn't unbareable but annoying more than anything. At 3 a day it wasn't really that bad but it was stil there. With that said my shoulder didn't really flare up at all and I was going pretty heavy on some things. Thats why I gave it a 6, it didn't let my injury get any worse.

    Acne/Oily skin 7/10
    After about the week mark I started getting more acne on my back than normal, along with an oily face. But a good face wash kept my acne on my face under control. I look at it like a double egded sword. This means it working at raiseing my test but also giveing me sides. If your worried about oily skin and bacne dont go any higher than 3 caps and shower twice a day.

    Weight Loss/Recomp abilities 10/10
    I was eating at or right above maintence with minimal cardio and lost weight around my waist and got stronger. This would be my Number 1 if I was cutting for a natural show. I reccomend anyone who's looking for an AI/Test booster pre-contest to def. give this a try. I was sweating like crazy when I took this paired with Tyrosine (1.5gr 2x's a day) within 15~20minutes after takeing the 2 in the am and pre-workout.

    Overall Rateing 8.5/10
    The reason it's not a 9 is because some people have huge issues with oily skin and acne, along with joint pains. The joint pain could have been from going so heavy in squats but I'm not really sure. Alot of people loved Rebound Reloaded, as do I, and I can say if you liked RR you'll absolutely love Cissus-Drol. I increased strength while getting leaner and loseing 1.3lbs anf inches off my waist. Thats the ultimate combo IMO. Im 100% my blood test will conferm all the claims of raiseing test/free test.
    Now I dont think you'll blow up and get huge with Cissus-Drol if your bulking. I def. feel its best used for a recomp/cut/lean bulk but you could use it to see some good strength gains while doing a big bulk.

    I would again like to thank the Generic Labz team for giving me a chance to test this mazeing product. I look forward to your new line of products comming in the near future.

    Bloodwork: I'm going to try and scan the Org. copies for hard proof if this great supp.

    Thank you all for rideing along with me on this log. Look for many more Distilled Water logs comming to an AM near you

    And now this guy.............
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  8. great log! thanks

  9. Bump for final measurements
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  10. Looks like a good recomp! Legs appear static, but there and the waist must have been where you burned the fat?

  11. Yea I'd say so. I have veins running all thru my things and shins, running up to my abdomen, now when training legs. My legs stay pretty lean year round so its kinda whatever about loseing fat there. But who doesn't wan to lose fat on their abbs? This part was awsome.
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  12. Great log DW, we want to thank you again for being a tester!

  13. BUMP this for final pictures beeing attached with the Main Review.

    Some subtle difference's. I can see my waist is smaller and my chest is leaner. All while gaining a great deal of strength.

    I didn't have any pics of my legs because of that nasty ingrown hair. it made my right thigh look about 30" because it was so swollen.

  14. I got my bloodwork back from the Dr. but dont be so happy as I wasn't. They didnt have the Test or FREE test levels on it. They're suppose to be in later this week or early next week.

    Everything else was great! lol
  15. Blood Work

    I must have un-installed my scanning software because it wont let me scan. I will look this weekend to find the program and get the hard copy up here.

    I didn't take bloodwork before the run but I have a good idea of where my body is at from bloodwork I get done every 4-6 months. I have a baseline im almost always at, which I'll go by.

    Lets get the big ones outta the way

    Total Testosterone
    Pre: between 610-630
    Post: 611

    Free Test
    Pre: 18.1-18.9
    Post: 21.1

    Liver Funtions
    Pre: 23-25
    Post: 24
    Pre: 24-30
    Post: 30

    Pre: 98-103
    Post: 88

    Pre: 110-115
    Post: 108

    Pre: 30-45
    Post: 35

    Pre: 55-66
    Post: 64

    Everything else was in normal range. My total test didn't really change much but my free test got a nice boost. Also lowing my blood glucose some how


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