Xtreme Formulations ICE - Wildberry Lemonade
ICE (2 lb) By Xtreme Formulations

Mixability: 8/10, this mixes about as well as xtend, but better than bulk bcaas. I mixed up 5 scoops with about 16oz of cool water and after a few shakes over the course of 5-10 min., everything was dissolved

Taste: 10/10, The Wildberry Lemonade is absolutely fantastic. It is not as sweet as xtend lemonade and tastes a little more refreshing to me. The initial sip tastes like a very tasty lemonade and there is a slight berry aftertaste. Definitely does not have that sugary sweet aftertaste that is definitely a problem with drinks meant to be consumed during a workout.

Value: 9/10, good value for the cost of bcaas, which tend to be pricey, even in bulk. To get the amount of bcaas here plus the fantastic flavoring is great bc bulk bcaas are just a bear to flavor on your own and taste like crap otherwise.[/QUOTE]