be my PAL!

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  1. be my PAL!

    ps that is a sweet looking ad!

    pps thanks to dave and the PAL crew for taking the trouble to send these across the border, muchly appreciated!

  2. You don't even have to ask! Good luck on your run!

  3. Damn nice intro gal!

    I'll be your PAL

  4. Ok well since you guys all know about me already, see bspace or previous logs, no need to go into too much detail? yes I'm female, 21, likes boys and orange fluoro nail polish, occasionally like to go lift and I have cardio tendencies.. and I will be running a marathon in August (14km) and it is frkn freezing right now so I will try my best to get all my workouts in even though the weather is about 7 degrees !
    Goal is to recomp as always, but it winter now, so I am not too worried about losing weight, I WANT TO GET STRONGER!!!! which I am hoping leviathan will help with. Also as you might also know, I have a love-hate relationship with stims and I am really hoping Reset AD will help me get the most out of them, and save myself from the crashing.. coz I love a thermo in winter!

    Okay current training program since I have received it, is the ***Fusion workout*** (THANKS a bunch 5-6 for getting it mailed to me!!!!). There are a few more isolation exercises and volume has been jacked up a lot. YUM! Cardio will be done for 20mins after workouts, or if I am too dead, I will skip it and add an extra cardio session. It goes something like this:

    Chest/bis + 20min cardio
    Legs + 20min cardio
    OFF + cardio
    Back + 20min cardio
    Shoulders/Tris + 20min cardio
    OFF + cardio

    My gym has a couple of **6pack** classes, I might go to one of them since my mate has been nagging me to, raving about how good it is..... half an hour of non-stop crunching.. ermm.. I'll give it a go..

    Nutrition wise I am going with 4-5 meals a day.. if my meals are bigger I'll have 4 meals.. otherwise looks like this
    Breakfast: Oats, whey, fruit (strawberries, banana etc)
    PWO: Same as ^^
    3, 4, 5 - carbs, fat, and protein, with veggies

    PAL supps dosage: Leviathan dosage is half the recommendation.. I am not familiar with these ingredients and they seem to be quite potent, so I'll stick with a low dose for the time being and adjust if needed.

    Pre-wo (AM): 1 cap Leviathan, 1 cap reset AD
    Afternoon: 1 cap Leviathan, 1 cap reset AD

    Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk go go time!


  5. Thumbs up First impressions..

    I've been using Leviathan and Reset AD for the past few days, and so far I am liking the effects. First time I tried it was before Cardio and I had a great session. During lifting my endurance has kept up and I actually look forward to lifting the weight.. as opposed to going "OMG this is too heavy" haha

    Other things I've noticed is that I'm really thirsty, appetite is under control, I do not get a huge surge in energy, and no crashing, sleep is fine (sometimes a bit too much at night.. I am waking up at 9am in the mornings ... that is about 2+hours later than normal!!!!!!!) I am becoming a lazy ass for sure..
    One peculiar thing also is that the first few times my eyes felt a bit funny, hard to describe, but a bit like I've been staring at something for too long.. not sure, but it has subsided now.

    Anyway, I need to backtrack a couple of workouts, since my net access is somewhat impaired.. yes I live in a primitive society.. and the flooding/storms etc has wreaked some kind of havoc on my connection... so I will update when I can.

    In the meantime, I took some photos from my paper log to save me from writing it out again, maybe I'll do that for the rest of this log for a change, looks more authentic anyhow heheh

    Plus plus, all weights are in KG now. Because I can't be bothered to change it, for you guys multiply by 2.2 for the weight ok!

  6. CHEST/BIS - FRIDAY 22nd June


  7. LEGS - SATURDAY 23rd June


  8. This was my lunch, yesterday... grilled chicken, roma tomatoes, cos lettuce, mushies, ... and some sweet potato (not in the photo coz it didn't look quite as pretty!)

  9. jus mucking around

    this is me being a douche...just felt like taking some more photos before my camera(s) break (again)..

    before and after support haha it was tough taking the second pic, and yes it is fuzzier than the first one coz I couldn't stop bouncing around!


  10. lmao, fun pictures

  11. Sunday 24th June - rest..

    One of my meals today.. kiddy looking watermelon xtend jelly with strawberries.. then sexed up with some cc, crushed walnuts and a sprinkling of cinnamon, chocamine and nutmeg. Not as cool as a **** buddy.. but as a study buddy, it suffices.

    :: SIGH :: :;some more study:: ::sigh again::


    oH, Thankyou to sir jayhawk, blackjack and bionic for checking in! (and the lurkers, of course)

  12. Man that looks good, what's cc stand for.

    Oh, and by the way great log!!
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by prld2gr8ns View Post
    Man that looks good, what's cc stand for.

    Oh, and by the way great log!!
    CC = cottage cheese! Don't worry it tastes good together... sweet, slippery, tangy, crunchy, a little goeey, with a hint of choc and spices.... and I O'd on the strawberries.. I could eat a pound a day.. heh Glad you like the pics!

  14. I just wanted to say this log is just as entertaining as Chad's log, but less off-topic, and suitable for a general audience. That's an accomplishment!

    Good Luck on your run with these fellas.
    Athletic Xtreme Rep
    [email protected]
    Ask me about the Athletic Xtreme Product Line

  15. this is going to be good. love the pics!

  16. Great log! Def. one of the better ones. And OMG! I had a TOTALLY different image of you, AB! You're a cutie. Don't mean to sound like a creep, just credit where it's due! Good luck.

  17. I rather enjoy the pictures of your training log and the powerpoint slides. Reminds me of my desk...
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  18. Nice log, very visual and effective.

  19. Well....I'm luvin it

  20. AB's log is always good to follow.

    The food aspects..... yum yum!

    :burg: :hot:

  21. Monday 25th June - BACK + cardio

    That was a killer workout... leviathan is helping with endurance? Maybe?

    Random pic. (from March, @ ~60kg). because I just decided to draw.. Haven't drawn in maybe 10 years or so, but I've suddenly gotten this weird desire again.. I've got a few more sketches, some are a bit better.. I'll post them in upcoming days, if you have a killer physique and would like me to draw you, I would kindly give it a go too! noodz but!

    Drawing is great...You can make your boobs bigger and your waist smaller with the flick of a pen. If only working out produced such rapid results!

    Oh well, a girl can always dream

    ...Wow, damn thanks for all the check-ins boys !!!
    I must see what this chad guy can do that I cannot

    Bionic.. I'm not sure what you had in mind... an 80 year old wrinkly? I never really put face pics because this is apparently a bbing site.. but I get hassled a bit (on some other forums) not you guys, almost like I have a monstrous face and trying to hide it or something... jeezz.. hah

    Ya'll allowed to stay if you promise to post and not just LURK! haha jk! It's cool

  22. How the hell did you get those past customs?
    How the hell can I get those past customs?

    The weather is the same down here in Melbourne, and I got flu, so I have pretty much done no cardio... (I refuse to tred mills!)

    Nice log, nice pics, I'll get my camera out (Nikon D70, why the **** do I neglect it so).

  23. Quote Originally Posted by nelix View Post
    How the hell did you get those past customs?
    How the hell can I get those past customs?

    The weather is the same down here in Melbourne, and I got flu, so I have pretty much done no cardio... (I refuse to tred mills!)

    Nice log, nice pics, I'll get my camera out (Nikon D70, why the **** do I neglect it so).
    I was very fortunate to say the least. hahah I dislike the thought of treading mills as well, but once you get there its ok.. can't walk slower than the old granny next to me going full speed on 45degree incline now, can I!?

    This is my third camera this year .. hahah I have a tendency to break things.. so gotta make the most of it whilst it still works!

    soo... Diet the past few days has been pretty good.. + extra pwo cardio and I feel somewhat leaner already..mood has been pretty good, haven't had any energy crashes.. Appetite is increasing a little again.. perhaps I could go to 3 caps of Leviathan in a week or so..

  24. i dont even think you need leviathan, you look lean already but maybe youre using it so you can cheat your meals more often lol. You really are a cutie tho'. im guessing youre in Austrailia? I remember your DCP log had alot of delicious sounding grub and this is already looking impressive. To bad you cant patent that sexed up jelly strawberry thingy or make one for me! haha. keep it up.

    ps. i want to eat some kangarooooooos! Ive read it to be the leanest and highest in protien of the meats.


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