The Efffects of Jungle Warfare & Pro-Anabol on Riseboi

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  1. The Efffects of Jungle Warfare & Pro-Anabol on Riseboi


    Let me first start off by thanking fitnfirm and the rest of the ALRI team for selecting me to log a 4 week stack of Jungle Warfare and their newest product, PRO-ANABOL. Not only is this my 1st SPONSORED log, it is my first log ever; so please bear with me. As such, I am going to attempt to remain as objective as possible, but also provide a worthwhile and entertaining log for anyone who may follow my progress.

    So, without further adieu, let the corny log intro begin!!!

    Riseboi’s “Real Life” Study: The Effects of Jungle Warfare & Pro-Anabol on Me!

    Fine print: I am by no means well versed in science experiment “stuff”. This is simply my ‘fun” attempt to do a log. Keep all the “that’s not how it’s done in a real experiment” mumbo jumbo to yourself.


    The purpose of this log is to determine how well I respond to a 4 week stack of ALRI’s Jungle Warfare & Pro-Anabol. The specific areas of focus will center on my ability to put on a notable amount of lean muscle mass and to reduce body fat at least mimimally.


    • Age: 27
    • Sex: Male
    • Height: 5'7
    • Weight: @175 lbs.
    • Body type: Meso-Endo (I think)
    • Est. BF% : @ 10% (I have been in contact with one of the local universities in regards to Bod Pod testing and/or the “gold” standard in body fat testing, hydrostatic underwater testing. I am hoping to schedule an appointment next week or the week after.

    Training experience:

    I started weight training in college on a somewhat consistent basis and continued to do so since. Of course, nowadays, I'm very consistent. It has become an essential part of my lifestyle. During that time beforehand, diet and discipline were really the key factors that kept me from "seeing" any results. The bad diet also led to a poor general health (fat, BP, cholesterol, self confidence, etc.) It got to a point where I had to decide how much my health meant to me. I guess if there’s only one thing you should know about me, it that this is where I came from…..

    Back to the present. I think you can tell what my decision was. I can say without a doubt I am in the best shape of my life, aging effects notwithstanding. Now is the first time, I've ever really considered a "bulk". At this point in time, I would like to put on some lean muscle to gain back strength I have since lost. However I say this with the mindset that I do not wish to cut back on cardio. I enjoy my minimum 3 days/week of cardio. More detailed program to follow.


    I believe most on the forum here are informed of what these products are. I won’t list a detailed description; I’ll just post links.

    Pro-Anabol Product Description
    Jungle Warfare Product Description

    I will follow the dosing protocol outlines on each bottle:
    Jungle Warfare: One (1) capsule three (3) times daily with meals
    Pro-Anabol: One (1) capsule two (2) times daily, 12 hours apart


    • Various Protein types: (Giant I-Pro, Dymatize ISO 100, EAS Whey, Nature's Best Micellar Plus)
    • Prof Supps Pure Vitargo (WMS)
    • Scivation Xtend
    • CL Purple Wraath
    • PAL Incarnate
    • Centrum Performance Multi
    • PreWO: Giant Creatine NO, Primaforce Primal N20

    I have a bunch of other supps but will refrain from using them in order to better gauge the results of Jungle Warfare and Pro-Anabol. I add anything, I will be sure to advise everyone.

    THE “FUEL”

    Still undergoing some change as I'm going from hypo caloric to maintenance/hyper caloric. I think this is around 2000- 2500.

    • PreWO - WMS, BCAA's
    • PostWO - WMS, EAA's
    • Semi PostWO - WPI
    • Snack- usually 3 hardboiled eggs
    • Meal: @ 8 oz. chicken breast, meatball, or other meat
    • Meal: @ 8 oz. chicken breast, meatball, or other meat
    • Snack - sometime 3 eggwhites
    • Meal: @ 8 oz. chicken breast, meatball, or other meat and vegetable usally broccoli
    • Bedtime - Micellar Plus, Whey, 1-2 tbsp flax oil

    Current Daily Water Intake:
    • 1-2 gallons - Mainly reg. bottled/tap water, crystal lite, decaf green tea, and various shakes (I don't like milk )

    The diet may fluctuate some days but I think this pic is an indication that it is usually very consistent, albeit, sometimes boring.





    To be logged during the upcoming month with special attention towards the products’ featured attributes as listed in the product description.


    Well, duh, this will be detailed at the end of this log. I hope you’ll be interested enough to follow along until the end.

    I think this pretty much sums up everything for the most part. I will try and get pics tomorrow. I have to take care of some personal matters these next few days, so if I don’t start this weekend, this Monday is set in stone as the official beginning. If I have left anything off or you have particular questions you’d like me to address beforehand, please feel free to ask.

    Thanks, and heeeeeeeere weeeee goooooooo…….


    i thought i ran detailed logs! i love the background avi shot behind your w/o regimine!!!! BTW great transformation from 230 my man!!! lookin good bro!

  3. Thanks man! I've been working on the log off and on this week between classes. Hopefully, I can do a good job keeping up with the details this upcoming month. Thanks again for checking it out.

  4. WOW. Congrats on the transformation. You've really nailed it.

    Looks like I have some more studying to do...

    I will DEFINITELY be following this log.

  5. Nice start man, I'll be following.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!


  6. Impressive transformation bro!

    Lookin amazing. Good to have ya at of luck man.

  7. you could throw a great tupperware party................

  8. zip-lock-a-ware ?????

  9. UPDATE: DAY 1

    Thanks for checking in guys!

    Well, I hadn't planned to, but I started today. I was only going to go for a 2 mile run, but I ended up throwing in a half-dozen or so sets of weighted pistols. The last couple of days had been long and exhausting, but I needed to release some stress. I also decided to try out one of the Ergopharm Clearshots I have. (I’ll try and post a review of this later). Obviously, nothing to report on the JW and Pro-A. For a “light workout” I’m feeling pretty good. Looking forward to my next good, intense workout.

    PA: 1 cap @ 7am, second cap to follow around 6-7pm night
    JW: Just took 2nd cap, will take last one later as directed.


    I tried to edit my first post but couldn’t add the photos, so here are the pics I took this morning.

  10. You've had some fantastic results in the last year. I'll be following for sure to see how this mimics my results with Pro-Anabol and Jungle Warfare. Good luck.

  11. lookin ripped my man! would love to see what this wil do with your obvious dedication!

  12. thats an awesome effort getting your body fat down that low after being a tubby boy..............maybe theres hope for me afterall.

  13. DAY 2

    Hey guys! Thanks for the kind words!

    Today’s workout focused on arms. I’ve had a small “twitch” in my left rear delt from when I last did reverse flys, so I thought I would have to go a little easy today. But, in spite of the “twitch”, I was able to get a pretty good arm workout with plenty of volume.

    1 cap of JW & PA with PreWO shake. 2nd JW at lunch, and third JW at 4pm. Will take 2nd PA @ 7pm.

    DB Alternating Hammer Curls:
    8x20, 8x40, 8x45, 8x45, 6x45

    Standing DB Tricep Extension:
    8x60, 8x75, 8x85, 6x90

    BB Reverse Curls:
    80x25, 8x45, 8x55, 8x65, 6x75

    Weighted Dips:
    8xBW, 8xBW+45, 8xBW+70, 8xBW+90, 8xBW+90

    Seated Alternating DB Bicep Curls:
    8x30, 8x40, 8x40, 6x40

    Single Arm BD Tricep Extensions:
    Left these out today.

    It's a little too early to make any comments on JW & PA right now. I think I'll be more prepared to do so after a week.

    Tomorrow is an off day so I won’t update the log again until after Monday’s workout but I will continue with the dosing protocol as prescribed. With that said, it’s been getting more and more difficult to get my cardio during the week, so I may run some sprints or run a few miles at the nearby park tomorrow, weather permitting.

    Til next time….
  14. Day 3 & 4

    DAY 3

    OFF Day


    Felt a little lethargic upon waking up. Of course, it was a Sunday and I had gotten a good 10 hours a sleep. 10 hours is very much not the norm for me so I don’t really think it had to do with JW or PA.

    Was going to go for a morning run but opted not to. Instead, I just had breakfast at an outdoor café near by, people watched, and just relaxed. A nice big plate of fruit and an omelet. Yum!

    DAY 4

    JW & PA as prescribed

    Incline DB Chest Press:
    8x60, 8x70, 8x80, 8x90

    CG Lat Pulldown:
    8x90, 8x140, 8x180, 8x230

    DB Chest Press:
    8x60, 8x75, 8x85, 8x95, 8x95

    8x135, 8x225, 8x275, 6x275

    Lying Single-Arm KB Hammer Press:
    8x15kg, 8x24kg, 8x24kg, 8x24kg

    L-Position Pull ups:
    8xBW, 8xBW, 8xBW


    Still have the ‘twitch’ in my left rear delt so I held back a little on some of the movements. But, it did seem as if I had to exert as mush force into pumping out the sets. I will continue to monitor this in upcoming workouts. My plans are to work the shoulders on Wednesday, but if the “twitch” is still there I may confine the movements to isolated machine exercises. Or I may just skip it and move onto the next body group.

    Til next time….
  15. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    great looking log... great transformation too!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by tattoopierced1 View Post
    great looking log... great transformation too!
    Thanks! I appreciate it.

  17. Well, I am just repeating everybody else, but great log and AWESOME transformation! You are shredded bro!

    Subbed and reps for the well thought out and executed log!

  18. i am watching this bad boy!!! you look great man, awesome transformation!!!
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  19. Quote Originally Posted by thewilman View Post
    Well, I am just repeating everybody else, but great log and AWESOME transformation! You are shredded bro!

    Subbed and reps for the well thought out and executed log!
    Quote Originally Posted by borobulker View Post
    i am watching this bad boy!!! you look great man, awesome transformation!!!

  20. <insert non homo overly excited comment here about transformation, subscribed and sexy body>

  21. Quote Originally Posted by neoborn View Post
    <insert non homo overly excited comment here about transformation, subscribed and sexy body>

    umm.....thanks, i think.

  22. what an awesome transformation man! i need to do some w/o's to get my legs lookin like that!

  23. Fantastic log bro and bad ass transformation! Almost identical to what i had done, you have had much more success getting leaner tho :-P and ur taller as well! lol

    Keep it up though man ur def ripped and in awesome shape, nice fridge btw! LOL

  24. Thanks guys!! I appreciate yall checking out the log

    DAY 5


    3 Mile Run – 9-10 minute/mile pace

    Several Ab Movements- Mostly crunches glute-hip raises


    Not much to report as far as PA & JW. Took usual dosing today. I’m hoping to work shoulders tomorrow morning, but may end up doing legs instead.

    Til tomorrow….

  25. DAY 6

    JW & PA as prescribed

    Back Squat:
    8x135, 8x135, 8x225, 8x275

    Superset 1a: Swiss Ball Hammie Curl:
    8x w/ both legs, 8x w/ both legs, 8x w/ one leg (both sides), 8x w/ one leg (both sides)

    Superset 1b: Single Plyo Box Jumps @ 3.5 ft.
    8x, 8x, 8x, 8x

    Superset 2a: Weighted Pistols
    8x w/ 12kg KB, 8x w/ 12kg KB, 8x w/ 16kg KB, 8x w/ 16kg KB

    Superset 2b: SLDL
    8x70, 8x80, 8x90, 8x100

    Leg Press:
    8x180, 8x270, 8x360, 8x540, 8x540

    45 Degree Donkey Calf Raise:
    10x180, 10x270, 10x360

    Lunge Matrix:
    4 sets; 4 rounds on each plane (frontal, sagittal, transverse)

    3 sets; one minute interval


    Shoulder felt pretty good this morning and I had good ROM, but I decided to err on the side of caution and move on to the next body group. Next up, was legs, and I have to say that I had a pretty f*ckin good workout. I did more movements than I normally do along with a decent amount of volume and my legs still feel pretty good. I plan on during cardio tomorrow, so I guess I’ll find out how they feel then.

    Til next time….


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