my experience with Cialabol

  1. my experience with Cialabol

    So I got myself 4 bottles of this amazing product and I must say it is by far the best creatine supplement I have ever used. I normally do not respond well to creatine, and in the past Thunder was the only product I got anything from. So anyway I decided to give this a shot and it was damn well worth the investment.

    I started out dosing it at 15 caps a day (I weigh around 300 right now) and noticed immediate hypo side effects. About three weeks in is when I noticed the glycogen retention affects, a constant pump, the feeling of the muscle bellies being full all of the time etc. . .

    Around the same time is when my weight and strength really started to shoot up. All in all I finished up the last week or so dosing at 24 pills a day At this point all I can say is WOW. It felt like I was running 30mgs of SD, no kidding. The pumps were so bad that I could barely do some of my Oly lifts. I must say that during this time I have been comming off a rather serious injury (herniated disc) and have only been working at around 65% of my potential max.

    Starting weight 294
    Ending weight 300

    Didn't measure bf at this time, but I will say that I have leaned up some, and really was eating an absurd amount of carbs.

    Great product USPLabs, you guys have really outdone yourselves on this one. It will certainly be a staple to my routine from now on.

    The only side effects that I noticed on the negative side was at 24 caps a day my joints became really sore, achey (sp) common signs of low estrogen, which is one of the effects from what I understand.

  2. Ya it's potent stuff for sure! I'm currently 270lbs and in 4 weeks of 12 caps PowerFull and 14 caps Cialabol i'm down 7lbs fat and up 2lbs muscle! That is crazy to say the least, especially with the amount of carbs i've been eating. 24 caps? WOW, i've got like 13 bottles left maybe i'll try goin that high, but i totally agree with the feeling of a fullness and pump in your muscles all the time it's great stuff. Amazing on a diet that's for sure.

  3. I have had great results with cialabol as well... definitly one of my favorite creatine products!

  4. I can't wait to try the yellow gold sitting in my room! wondering how it will pair up to cialabol minus the creatine.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Vipersg123
    I can't wait to try the yellow gold sitting in my room! wondering how it will pair up to cialabol minus the creatine.
    yg is somethin truelly amazing. i have never taken anything that was quite like it. nice full dense feel to my muscle all day, look like im dropping body fat, and my lifts have gone up... its freakin sweet. mind you i haven't tried cialabol, but yg has one of the same ingredients.



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