IBE MATRIX Not So Massochistic Review

  1. IBE MATRIX Not So Massochistic Review

    Arrived home from work a little run down and was pleasantly surprised when I checked my mail and found: MATRIX! Moo ha ha.

    Drank 1 8oz bottle at 5:15 and ate dinner at 5:45. I was already feeling a little lift by the time I was sitting down to eat and as of now at 6:20 I feel pretty alert mentally. Feel slightly "anxious" but not jittery. Just kinda feel "good to go" if that makes any sense.

    I will be leaving shortly to my Kajukenbo class that starts at 7:30. I will report back upon my return to let ya'll know how it went.

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  2. LOL. Bet things go well.

  3. Well, interesting night. I hitched a ride with my wife as she was dropping the kiddo's off at youth group near the Gwoon and I fell asleep on the way. I arrived early and just sat there like a lump with no energy kinda dreading class. It was hard to get into warmups but once my blood started flowing I perked right up. I never got a serious rush of energy like a crack pipe full of Venom Hyperdrive but I was able to get very focused and deliberate with my forms and self defense drills. Nice mental clarity.

    I do have to add that I have been in bed sick for the last 3 days so I was understandably less than optimal from the getgo stacked with the first day back to work after 11 consecutive days off. Figured this would be a good test fo sho!

    My first impression of the 'MATRIX' is a good one. Only noticeable sides are the usual suspects: cottonmouth and shrivel weiner. I get that from most stims.

    Tomorrow I will try the second bottle before my resistance training in the evening.
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  4. Phase 2:

    Drank second 8oz bottle at 5:00 after a moderately tiring day at the office. Used it to wash down 4 PowerFull, 2 Activate and 2 MP's. Dinner at 5:30. Heading to the gym in a couple minutes to drop some plates beotch! Already feeling a bit amped, not jittery but I have a strong desire to do anything other than sit still.

    Will report back shortly. Plan is to do my GL (Glen Lepricaun) style A set and hit the rowing machine for 20-25 minutes depending on stamina.
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  5. Workout was great! Good mind muscle focus and great energy/stamina. Just breezed through and had a ton of energy left for the row machine but decided to skip that and go to MA class instead. Stayed focused and energized throughout and up to now, 5 hrs after dosing. The question I have now is, when am I going to be able to fall asleep?

    Time will tell.

    Tic toc, tic toc.
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  6. Couldn't get to sleep untill a bit after midnight. I popped a couple Benadryl around 11:00 though. Without them I figure it would have been even later. Weird thing is I only slept five hrs, made my kids breakfast and packed their lunch's and decided to nap for an hour before work. I couldn't go back to sleep, I was wide awake and kinda amped. I wasn't hungry in the morning either which is very, very, VERY strange for me. I am always hungry.

    Still feeling some effects over 12 hrs later? Seems hard to believe but some stims effect me like that. First and last time I took 2 Venom I was literally up for 2 days. Sucked.

    I would love to give this stuff a few more go rounds. I think I will be purchasing some once released but dosing much earlier in the day. Five PM is apparantly a no no for me.

    Energy boost 8/10
    Mental focus 8/10
    Effect duration 9/10
    Taste 7/10
    Negative sides 9/10
    Price/Value ???
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  7. Very long lasting in me as well.

  8. Thanks for the log bro. Don't worry, with the next flavor we introduce that 7/10 will be a 9 or 10 . Thanks again.


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