Doggz's Super Herbal Double Astroid Stack!

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  1. Cycled Ended as of Week 2

    This week has been very hectic. Not only have I been working very long hours, my diet has been thrown for a loop. This week I've been put on new medication and I have to stay on a low sodium diet under 2000mg/day. I just can not do that on my current plan, and there is no way I can continue to bulk.

    It was a hard decision for me to make, but I'm stopping this log to focus on the other things piling up in my life. I hate to do this because I know many people were looking to see what type of results would come from such a stack. I'm sorry that we won't see this to completion. At least I can offer some thoughts

    End of Log Conclusion

    I'll offer what I can.

    When I was looking back on some people looking onto this thread I realized something. Nothing special should come from stacking all these items. If one product worked well for you, and anther product also worked well, then putting them together logically will produce at least as good of results. Picking supplements that complement each other is nothing new, and that is all I really did here. Anagen helps with recovery, and the NHA stack helps with Test levels, so we can see why they would work so well together.

    If you really want my suggestion from all this: Work within your budget and don't let supplements be your crutch. They will only help improve your work in the gym and in the kitchen.

    Thanks guys

  2. Quote Originally Posted by doggzj
    But seriously since I started the Thunder/Nitro my nails are crazy perfect. You can see exactly when I started the combo.
    Since most animal experts measure a creature's health by their "waste" as well as the quality of their fur, etc - I'd instinctively think that your perfect nails are a sign of you being really healthy and balanced on the inside.

    Plus, never underestimate how much a chick checks out a guy's fingernails...clean fingernails, smart shoes and a clean bathroom will make you a very busy man.



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