I've been reading about ArA and even though it almost seems too good to be true I decided to go for it and ordered two bottles of SNS X-Gels, 2x SNS ALCAR, and a tub of CL Glycergrow. I'm cutting right now and if anything is going to keep my lifts from going down it'll be ArA, I'm very optimistic and eager to see how it works out. I'll be running it on an SS/SL type strength routine 3 times per week, starting this saturday.
Also I'll be doing fasted cardio with Yohimbine in the mornings, and doing IF

Started cut at 183 lbs
Currently 173.6 lbs

Bench 230x1
Squat 305x1
Deadlift 335x5
OHP 135x5

Supps I'll be using:
1-1.5g ArA (Starting with 1, will work my way up provided there are no joint issues)
MAN Body Octane / iForce Hemavol
CL White Flood Reborn
CL Orange Triad
CL Green Mag
MT Amino Build / Cellucor Beta-bcaa / Scivation Xtend
1g NOW Arginine
Yohimbine HCL w/ caffeine tabs

The only concern I have is that ever since I had Lyme disease I've had a pretty bad neck, was in physical therapy for 6 months for what my doctor thinks was tendonitis. It never really went away and I'm not sure that's really what it is, luckily it has been at bay lately, I'm just hoping the ArA doesn't agitate it. I may or may not buy some cissus to help it.

My cut so far:
imgur /OiRzLtc