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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Montego1 View Post
    Nice! Would have been puke time for me after that lol.
    Almost was! This doucher had the audacity to literally ask as soon as the weight was racked if "you done? You got a lot more? How many more, how long?"

    He was watching me the whole time, just outside screen shot. You see me look over there, I just stared, couldn't really talk. I grabbed my stuff, put my phone away and said "done!" And just walked away lol. Didn't unrack anything, kind of a dick move on my part but FUKC that guy. There was another open squat rack.
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  2. Workout A2

    Flat BB bench


    Straight Bar Skull Crushers

    So I think that's the most I've benched I believe last year, about this time, I was moving 225 like 20 times? Either way I'm stoked about that 205 for 23reps considering I haven't really focused on bench (doing it last in most my chest routines) I have debating a powerlifting meet this winter (before prep for my show next may )

    Overhead press numbers low but I was touching my chest and exploding to almost lockout with a 3-4sec negative. I didn't want to use any momentum at all. My shoulders were swole.

    I'll be weighing in tomorrow. I'm getting drier looking as the log goes on, I can only imagine what 8 weeks of this stack would do (with added Vera-1). Um can you say #winning?!?!?
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  3. Welp, can't get pictures to load. Says data is too big? I've never had this problem before. I'll try and figure it out this week, if not ill to to photo shack along with my final review.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    Welp, can't get pictures to load. Says data is too big? I've never had this problem before. I'll try and figure it out this week, if not ill to to photo shack along with my final review.
    Mine does that if I'm on a wifi connect for some reason.
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  5. Final Review

    Still having trouble loading pictures, been busy getting thing together for my new job these past few days. Apologies to EBF & Lecheek for the delay.

    I'll breakdown each product individually and then come to a common assessment of different areas at the end.


    I dosed at 3 caps before bed on an empty stomach, usually 1hr+ away form food.

    Quality of Sleep
    -I slept through the night the majority of the nights. I do not count waking up to pee as this is normal. As Marms pointed out, thank god I was waking up for that.
    -With making the move form West coast to east coast the time change was a huge issue the first few nights and waking up numerous times before finally waking up at 1pm was a common occurance. It was still there slightly when I started the MassHGH but quickly helped me get into a better sleeping pattern.
    -I was groggy when waking up the first week or so. Just was kind of out of it when I woke up, an odd feeling. It subsided as time went on.

    -I started training each bodypart twice per week. Soreness was never an issue, there were days I was dragging a bit but strength was always there.

    -It climbed the entire run, provided my nutrition was there (a few workouts I had gone waaaaaay too long without food + hanging dry wall) but for the majority all lifts were up. I wasnt really focusing on strength gains, I was trying to Recomp so holding strength would have been ideal but I wont complain being stronger.

    Other things I noticed
    -Body hair growth. Most noticeably chest hair, the crap was growing like crazy. I usually have a few days inbetween shaving my chest but it was an every other day thing.

    -The groggyness the first week or so is really the only negative I can report.

    I played with the dosing a touch and found a sweet spot. I ended doing the following protocol

    1 cap 20min before breakfast (25-30gr carbs)
    2 caps 20min before pre-workout meal (75gr carbs)
    1 cap 20min before Post-workout Meal (25-30gr carbs)
    2 caps before bed with MassHGH

    Blood Sugar
    -I never felt hypo while taking before bed, or at least i was out before it could kick in Post carb meal comas were never there or the intense hunger following about 30min post meal

    Food Pumps
    -Some times id get these, some times not. Types of carbs didnt matter because id do the same thing about every day. Perhaps more on the water/sodium side but theyre always nice

    Ability to eat
    -When my schedule got crazy and I had to hammer some cals I tried dosing up to 4 caps and hit a China Buffet worked well, I ate and ate and ate but bloating was mild. Very suprised

    GI Issues
    -None, even tried before pro/fat meals with zero issues.

    Now I'll get to the nitty gritty about the stack. Ive never ran either solo so i truly cannot judge affects seperete but I can as a stack.

    Body Recomp
    -I did recomp. Not as much as I would have liked but cardio was a bit off and thats my fault. Body fat was down almost 1% for the month with only a small fluctuation in body weight. Measurements of my waist dropped about 1/4" but my legs grew almost 1/2"!!!!!! Everything else had slight improvements

    Muscle Fullness
    -I never looked flat, ever. Woke up each morning dry and full which usually doesnt happen. I always look flat in the morning but I was presently surprised. Recompadrol KILLS glycobol in this department, period.

    -Solid pumps day in and day out. Not quite avi vascular but during my workouts, game over. Ive got a picture (that I cannot uoload ) of resting calf.shin vasculairty.

    Would I recommend the stack?
    -Yes, absolutely.

    Recompadrol is a great GDA and versatility is awesome. I will be using in the future, most likely in conjunction with AP and the FTP training protocol. It is in my Top 3 GDA products.

    MassHGH.....lets just say this anything that can help me recover from twice a week training, has my stamp of approval! The effects of MassHGH really seemed to come on strong at the end, I would advise anyone an 8 week run (bottle recommended) to get the full benefit.

    Please feel free to ask me any questions about the stack if I did not answer them. I was to personally thanks EBF & Marms for the opportunity and I hope AM will find my review/log helpful.
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  6. Great review and log brother!
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    doin it mountain dog style in here come along for the shred fest-http://anabolicminds.com/forum/workout-logs/229302-danbs-mountain-dog.html

  7. Very very solid review DW! Thanks bud

  8. Great job brotha. Very thorough and informative.
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  9. GREAT REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
    Thanks for your time on the log and Im really glad to see that others start to notice that the Mass HGH starts to come on really strong at the end.
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  10. Thanks guys!

    I also noticed some increase hunger upon waking up about 10days in. Not as intense as some other supps but noticeable to say the least.
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