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Jim takes on AppNut!

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    Originally Posted by jimbuick View Post
    I normally stick to the tuna when at all possible.
    Ok well that makes sense, it would be hard to gain on bugs and tree bark

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    Solid final review and log. I lurked but didn't post...nice work.

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    Originally Posted by bolt10 View Post
    Solid final review and log. I lurked but didn't post...nice work.
    Thanks brother.

    Wish I could have been more consistent, your log was making me feel bad about myself over leave lol.
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    Originally Posted by jimbuick View Post
    End Stats:

    Attachment 72678Attachment 72679Attachment 72680Attachment 72681

    Weight: 164.0"
    Chest: 38.5"
    Rt. Bi: 14.9"
    Lt. Bi: 14.7"
    Rt. Thigh: 25.2"
    Lt. Thigh: 25.0"
    Waist: 34.0"
    Rt. Calf: 17.1"
    Lt. Calf: 17.0"
    Neck: 18.0"

    Haven't looked at previous numbers yet, but I'm excited to see the difference.

    Final Review: This will be over the entire stack, as opposed to individual products, I will do my best to differentiate between the three but I know that many of the effects overlapped between the three products. I also am not going to give them numeric values and will just report the effects.

    Strength: I noticed consistent gains in strength, in all exercises. I normally cannot progress in weight every week but I was able to do that consistently and set my fair share of PR's during this 8 week run. What was most significant to me is how quickly my strength picked back up after JRTC and even more impressive was the fact that I didn't lose any strength during my incredibly inconsistent leave. I will attribute this to IGF-2 and Free Test more than Uptake.

    Endurance: My rest periods were significantly decreased, especially after I began doing complexes with the program zir.Red has designed for me. I will attribute most of this to N.O. Uptake and it was noticeable.

    Recovery: This will be overnight recovery, not between set recovery. I noticed an increase in my body's ability to recover. It was significant, some of this will be attributed to the amount of kCal I was consuming on a regular basis but I was surprised by how I was able to get back into 2x a day workouts and not wake up hurting the next day. Onset was almost immediate.

    Sleep Quality: As a general rule, my sleep quality was greatly improved during these 8 weeks. In fact, in the days since I have run out my sleep quality is noticeable lowered and I am waking up much more often in the night and having a harder time falling asleep to begin with. I will attribute this almost solely to IGF-2

    Physique Changes: This was not the primary goal of this log but the physique changes were noticeable. My weight increased ~4 pounds (would have been more if I were more consistent with my diet over the holiday's) but I stayed just as lean, if not ended up leaner. I was pleased as physique changes are always welcome.

    Pumps: With 5 caps a day the pumps were phenomenal, but 6 is where I prefer it. It was noticeable in every workout and was incredibly noticeable when we would run distance. My calves would be engorged with blood and sometimes it would be painful. I would occasionally get lower back pumps, nothing extraordinary, but noticeable. The effect increased with consistent dosing.

    Vascularity: During this run, I can say that my vascularity was much improved. Some of this is from Free Test and some of this is from the pump in N.O. Uptake. I can say that when I ran out of FT, my all day vascularity decreased noticeably. Once I started working out it wasn't noticeable but it was extremely noticeable in a rested state.

    Muscle Density: This is a hard one to gauge but I noticed that as the log went on my pecs felt significantly more dense. It was most noticeable in my chest because it is my weakest muscle from a physique standpoint and is normally the last to progress. The density is still there but it has decreased recently, I attribute most of this to IGF-2 because it has subsided since I ran out.

    Overall: I would buy these products again. I was a big fan of IGF-2 and N.O. Uptake specifically. Free Test did exactly what I had bought it to do and I believe that all of these products are worth the price. I will be using IGF-2 again (may even try R1's Prime/IGF-2 stack) but the standout product to me was N.O. Uptake. I have been a fan of AppNut products since I initially used RPM/Drive (love Drive) and N.O. Uptake is a fantastic preworkout for pumps/muscular endurance. Can't wait to order some Uncut in the near future and see how they do together (assuming they continue to make Uptake)

    Thanks for following everyone. I think I made significant progress as far as my goals are concerned and cannot wait for this new year to unfold, a lot of big things in the works for a lot of companies and I am excited to say the least!
    Fantastic job on the log and final review Jim! I can see some nice improvements between your before and after pics. You delts, abs and lats really stand out compared to the starting pics.

    I'm glad you liked the supplements, but I think you deserve the credit for all of the hard work you put in during this log. Nice work!

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