BiGGUY vs wilpit 60 day challenge, featuring Lecheek and condense

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  1. Thanks to Grambo for the chance to log this stuff and his patience with me on getting this review up.

    I have some mixed feeling on this stuff so bare with me.

    I am not going to list ingredients. But at a glance they decent.
    Has some beta-alanine , Potassium and some other goodies.
    Also note there is NOT a creatine in this so you can add your choice of creatine to it, or use then when its time to cycle off.

    Effectiveness: Three PARTS ( 7.5 overall )

    Energy 8.5
    I loved the energy I got from this. I could tell it was a good feel, Not cracked out, Not too strong. Just enough to get that push you need. I had no crash. I could feel the tingles from the beta alanine every time I used it. Even at a half scoop. I really enjoyed this part of it.

    Pump 7
    It was hit and miss on this. I never could get the timing right with the right amount of carbs or something with this to get the full feel of what it says was possible. It was kinda aggravating.

    Veins 10
    I had more veins visible every workout with this product. Even at the end of what turned into a 2 month bulk. I gained fat but was still seeing eye popping veins. I have a new one that goes from neck across my chest into my arm that I could see through a shirt. Even with not much of a muscle pump I had crazy veins. I like it too, if you are anything like me seeing that in the mirror is instant motivation.

    Taste 9
    I really like the strong bite this had.It really has a punch too it. I would sometimes just dump it on my tongue and get a drink. It would really give you a kick in the mouth of taste then.!

    Price 6
    I think it is a bit high for what it is as compared with muscle marinade I think it should be a little less. I have found some decent deals for it but most are around 25 - 32 bucks.

    Overall 7
    Taking in the consideration of the pumps being off and on, and the price it brings it down. If I new a way to gets the pumps every time it would be a lot better. Even the pumps I did get was not as good as when I was taking d -pol that stuff is still king for pumps.
    Here is my log

  2. Solid review bro and enjoyed the hell out of your log. Your def one of the hardest working here and friggin huge!
    Prosupps Forum Rep!!
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  3. Big thanks to the guys at Lecheek for letting me run two bottles of their entire stack . MASS HGH REVIEW

    Cut right to the chase.

    dosing 9
    Very simple its pills so they easy to swallow, take 2-3 pills before bed.

    Profile no rating .
    I do not like rating profiles because I don't know what ingredient does what for one. Also others on here deserve credit for their effort in explaining what is what on the label. Check on down page for all this info.

    The stack I had.
    speed x3 , Tx9 ,and AD3.
    I had took Tx9 and speed x3 before so I know what to expect from those.

    Effectiveness 9- 10 ( 2 PARTS )
    ( SLEEP )
    This stuff gave me great recovery and great sleep every time. I do think by month 2 the effects was not as strong as the first 3- 5 weeks. I did not get insane spooky dreams like I have from just a simple ZMA product. But I was able to work hard at the gym every time due to the recovery from this.

    I did grow and bulk very well on this. I was gaining weight. Not the leanest I would have liked but I did grow, shoulders and back the most, All the while setting PR's so I know it was not just me eating poorly. I was gaining muscle. I did however loose the leaner look I was once holding but I will blame that on my diet. I was able to break some very personal records for myself while on this so that needs to be noted.

    Value 8-9
    You can get this all the time for around 25 bucks and I have seen it for as low as 18 on some sites. I do think you should run this at least 2 bottles to get the most from it.

    Great for recovery and sleep, Great for bulking , just watch the diet.
    Here is my log

  4. AD3 review
    Huge thanks to lecheek for letting me run two bottles of this.

    Value 7-8
    I will go a bit lower in just that It did not work as well for me. But you can still find good deals on this. The normal seems to be around 25- 30 bucks.

    NA . Check others reviews for details.

    I was really hoping this stuff would work as well as it did for others on their logs but it did not.

    Dosing 9
    I took this about 2 hrs before which was more or less as soon as I got home from gym. Easy to take pills.

    Effectiveness 7

    I have took a test booster and a AI before so I really hoping to have the same effect. But I feel that some of lecheek stuff are under dosed for someone my size. I am 250+ lbs. So I don't know if there is a standard protocol for dosing and weight ratios or not, but might be something to look into.
    When running a any test booster I can start to have signs of estrogen getting high thats why I waited about a week and half before starting this just to see if I could feel it work.
    Well I started this about 1 1/2 weeks into the stack . I felt a slight difference in body comp changes and a slight change in vascularity although that seemed to leave after several weeks.
    The one thing I will note is my libido tanked on this and has took a while to get that back to normal after running this stack.

    I will say that I have took masshgh and TX9 before and separately and not had these issues that is why I mention it now.

    I will say that my strength and mood was always good and on point through this stack as well. I was able to recovery in between sets and days of rest faster than normal. But I do not like loosing my libido. lol.

    I do think this product helped me calm down , I would take this after my workout and before a post meal. Usually about 2 hrs before bed.

    Overall 7
    It just did not work that well for me. Others have had great success with it though. After about 4 weeks I started to loose that thin skin look , although veins was still visible I just did not look at dry.
    Here is my log

  5. Thanks for the reviews
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  6. Good work here

  7. Thanks man reps coming when i get to a computer
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