Fat destruction on PES Alphamine (sponsored log)

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by mj007 View Post
    Good dedication Doc!! i
    Do you feel like this is going to create lasting results?
    For the people that have tried Alphamine and are now not taking it: Is there a 'withdrawal' period of sorts?
    Not really. I had increased cravings for carbs when i stopped taking it though. I just increased them for a few days then lowered them again.
    ~Get shredded or die trying! The alphamine chapter~

  2. Day 27

    This was Sunday and was an absolute cheat day. I didn't remember to take pictures of the pizzas we made because I was too busy making them and pouring craft and rare beers..

    I would estimate this day at 3500-4000 calories. fat was somewhere around 150-200. My stomach was aching by the end of the night! But totally worth it.

    Had a long day at work and even today my calves are still sore. But Alphamine makes me forget these things

  3. Day 28

    Yesterday was low again. Also, really feeling pleased with the way i look

    Macros: 140/130/80

    Calories: 1800

    So yeah, This is a de-loading week for me because of Performances. Which also means I get to show of my hard work But I will be taking pictures tonight and posting tomorrow. Also, I will be upping Calories just so I have plenty of energy for the shows.

    And, since this thread is coming to an end, I will be starting a new one with the addition of a few things in about 2 weeks I am going to take a week off of alphamine and then start back with it again, because I have loved it so much! Best fat burner I have ever used. Period.

    I have used Slim Xtreme and that shizz just cracked me out too much and I hated taking it for too long of a time. I feel like I could take alphamine FOREVER!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by funkd0c View Post
    I feel like I could take alphamine FOREVER!
    *Activates Twilight Voice* And Every Single day of Forever *Deactivates Twilight Voice* * Washes Face* *Feels Ashamed*

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Invycktus

    *Activates Twilight Voice* And Every Single day of Forever *Deactivates Twilight Voice* * Washes Face* *Feels Ashamed*
    You mean Twilight the movie?? Cuz if so, I don't relate. I haven't seen them.

  6. Day 29

    Macros: 160/100/80

    Calories: 1760

    Ok another low calorie day, but today will be different. Having steak and eggs for breakfast

    So today(day30) was my last serving of Alphamine BUT I have another tub! Here are te final pics for this log. Thank youth everyone who followed and supported. I will put a final review up later this week.

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  7. Wow!! Sick cuts!!

  8. There is something very deliciously evil :no homo: about this pic Doc!


  9. Definitely all cut up!
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