Who put my cake in the blender?

  1. Who put my cake in the blender?

    Iforce zapped my Red Velvet Cake with the Ultimate Dehydrator 3000!

    Iforce was generous enough to send me a 2lb tub of their new Red Velvet Cake flavor. Now, I've never tried any of Iforce's proteins, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

    This stuff is straight powdered cake heaven. Iforce nailed it with this flavor, and it gets even better after you're done drinking it. The aftertaste is just like you've gotten done eating red velvet cake.

    I've tried it the standard ways in water and milk. It tastes great and mixes extremely easily in both in a standard shaker bottle with just a few shakes. You don't have to shake aggressively forever and still worry about clumps.

    Pancakes! Protean and egg whites for the pancakes. Strawberry protein and honey for the syrup. With a few blueberries thrown on top.

    Ice cream the old fashioned way. Milk and protean in a plastic bag. Ice and salt in a bigger plastic bag. Shake it up for ten minutes.

    This was freaking delicious!

    I made another type of ice cream by mixing protean with plain greek yogurt and some chocolate chips and threw it in the freezer for an hour. It tasted pretty close to the previous ice cream, but didn't look near as pretty, so no picture.

    I've also thrown it in a blender with strawberries and milk. Very good!

    Ok, so let's talk about the macros. Iforce calls this "Lean Protein". I'm not sure if they're looking at the same label I am, but the carbs and fats are higher than the other proteins I'm used to using. Higher than your standard whey or Myofusion, but less fat than UP 2.0 I suppose. Still, it's not bad, and you can't get this level of flavor without adding something!

    Taste: 9/10 - Only because I feel that the cream cheese frosting could've been brought out a bit more.
    Aftertaste: 10/10 - Did I just eat cake?
    Texture: 9/10 - Perfectly smooth and creamy! Could be a bit thicker, but that can be adjusted with the level of liquids added too.
    Mixability: 9/10 - Once or twice, some dry powder got stuck up in the mouth of the bottle.
    Versatility: 10/10 - Is there anything you can't do with this? I haven't tried it every way imaginable, but I'm working on it.
    Macros: 6/10 - Due to it not really being "lean".
    Cost: 5/10 - I'm a cheap SOB. I think I'll have to make some room as a treat, but at $28 for 2 lbs, I can't use this as my daily protein.

    Overall: 8/10 - This a very good protein. The flavor is unbelievable. I've definitely enjoyed making my way through this tub, though I've been trying to savor it and make it last as long as possible.

    I'm heading on vacation this week, so I won't get a chance to experiment much, but I'm saving some for when I get back and will be trying some baked goods! I'm also thinking some of fudge, mixing this with cream cheese!

    Thanks Iforce!

  2. That looks awesome man, glad you enjoyed! I have an ice cream maker, vanilla mint is ridiculous in ice cream form!

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  3. Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng! Omg those pancakes look so epic.

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