AE and Licogenix....time to recomp (Sponsored)

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  1. Good chest tri workout today on my final Lico day. I will post the final review and photo tomorrow

    Floor press (5 sets) 4 sets at 225 5 reps
    Flat BP (5 sets) 315lbs 1 rep sets @ 295 for 3 reps
    Incline BP (6 sets) hit 295 for a struggling 1 have not gone up that high in a long time (as an aside, my incline has almost always been step by step with my flat, usually 10-20lbs difference only)

    JM Press (5 sets) 4 sets @ 225lbs 4 reps
    CG BP (5 sets) sets @ 225lbs 5 reps

    Overall pleased, tris are pumped to hell right now.

    Really sad to see Lico over

    Will be back tomorrow with final review

  2. Looking forward to your final thoughts
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  3. 2nd post on page 1 updated with final pic on final thoughts

  4. interesting review, what i find most interesting to me is that you say it is as good as original erase in terms of body comp, so it was on a par and made you as lean and as dry as erase?, any libido changes?
    i always wanted to use erase but its banned here by my feds, if you say lico is as good as in terms of effects then sounds like good news for me

  5. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    Attachment 53974Here is the before pic, taken about 5 minutes ago on 3/11. I apologize for my wife's makeup bag in the front

    Attachment 55091 Here is the final pic from 4/6 Weight was 205lbs as of this am

    Final thoughts:
    Strength: nothing really noticeable here. On one side, my strength was stable throughout, no real heavy peaks or valleys.

    Body comp: big shine here. Weight is increased a bit, and pants are looser. Vascularity was up as well as noted previously. I am quite pleased overall on this end of lico

    Joints: Really? If you have followed my log, you know where I stand on this. This was the most pleasant surprise out of anything from this log. It truly felt like a joint supp. I am actually disappointed to be done, and also concerned that I will regress from a joint perspective

    Overall: This is a very solid AI. Similar to Erase in terms of body comp, but yet not as strong as Erase Pro. With 6-bromo, Inhibit E and Erase Pro, my joints suffered a bit. Lico counters that well. For the price at NP ($29.99) I would highly recommend this, and will be purchasing a bottle on my own.

    This adds a new wrinkle to the AI market and one that will serve Athletix quite well.

    Thank you again Athletix and JD
    Thanks for the final review! and taking your time out to log for us, it's been a fun log to follow

    Glad you enjoyed Licogenix Wonder how you would like 6 caps a day, a few of the loggers are trying it now.
    Core Nutritionals Representative



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