So it's been 2 weeks since I've been using Supersize and wanted to put up a review for it.

Taste 7/10: ok. I've read that some ppl don't like the taste much but I like the tart lemon taste to it. Though wish it was mote lemony.

Pump n/a: I have used nitrites before but I currently use agmatine at 1g in the morning before breakfast so it's been hard to asses the pumps from SS. Some days they can seem stronger than normal and other days i feel nothing from it.

Energy 8/10: ok. So first time using it I jumped straight to 2 scoops and wow. It wasn't jittery but it felt like my hear was going to explode right out of my chest. Second time I tried 1.5. Scoops same feeling. Third I tried 1 scoop and that's just perfect for me. It's good clean energy for me. Some days I use half a scoop in the morning to pick me up and I have noticed a better sense of well being during the morning when I dose like that.

Endurance n/a: can't really tell if im getting much endurance off SS. My workouts last typically under 30mins so it's hard to gauge for me.

End: would I buy again?? Yes but I also want to try Craze next and see how I respond to that. Though I am liking the half scoop in the morning.

Hopefully this helps ppl out.