Thatguy_603 m-drol (sd) log

  1. Thatguy_603 m-drol (sd) log

    Weight: 190
    Height: 5'8"
    Age: 22
    Max bench: 285
    Goals: want to get my biceps and triceps up to a better size. Lose Some fat and get my bench to a good 300.

    Im starting today already front loaded so I'm ready to bang this cycle out. Now time to hit the gym hard!

  2. Starting to notice my muscles being more sore than usual.

  3. My log sucks lol but owell so far I have gained 5 pounds in almost two weeks of use and feeling great. New max bench press 295 ! All that I have noticed for side affects are its extremely hard to wake up in the morning and a lil laziness and some back pumps that's it. My cycle goes like this 2/3/3/3/2 .. This is some good stuff

  4. I don't ever wanna get off this stuff !! Lol .. I've noticed way more definition.. Haven't had the chance to weigh my self , but I hit my bench press goal .. I can now put up 305 and hoping for more!

  5. Ok I weighed myself this morning and I'm at 200lbs. I can definitely see a huge difference . My muscles are more defined and bigger . I'm loving this stuff ! Banging out the last week!

  6. a 5 week cycle of SD?!?!?! Most prefer short cycles of 3 weeks. What is your PCT?
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over

  7. My pct is nolva, and daa..

  8. Ok I had to stop use a few days early due to side effects. I started feeling dizzy all day also puked and my heart felt like it was gonna beat out of my chest so I stopped use as of Monday . But I'm happy with my gains now I just hope I can keep them through my pct ...

  9. Well I dont know what got into me but I put up 325 on the bench ! I felt amazing!!!


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