Bulking with SD, (might toss in trenazone @ week 3), and Osta SARM in PCT

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  1. Osta SARM in PCT: Beach Body by mid-July

    Let's get it out of the way:
    strong first post

    I'm going to be doing my first cycle of sd-extreme, (will be my 4th cycle, had great results with epi but want to see what this offers me), and I'm considering adding in trenazone around week 3.

    Goal: Bulk up to approx 205. Diet will be clean bulk, but will taper it to my needs and come up with something clearer once I know how I react. If its like epi, I'll be doing 6-8 meals

    Random aside: blood test from 4/17 showed-
    test at 509ng
    LH @ 3.6 mIU
    FSH @ 2.4 mIU
    estrogen is at 41.8pg and i'm looking a little puffy, (it's always been higher than i'd like, but usually around 29pg. Had been using DAA so I'm attributing some of the spike to that.)

    I am prone to gyno so that will be closely monitored, blood pressure has historically been low, but i'll still keep an eye on it.

    Currently 6'0 192lbs, here's the plan:
    2 weeks pre-load cycle assist and standard supports
    week 1- SD 10mg/day
    week 2- SD 20mg/day (split am/pm)
    weeks 3 and 4- SD 20mg, possible intro of trenazone at low dose (can you tell im looking for feedback on this?)

    obviously i'll continue support supps throughout.

    pct- nolva (typical 30/20/20/10) with intro of Osta SARM at 12.5-25mg introduced at week 3, continuing with it 8 weeks.

    This is my first formal log, if i'm missing important info let me know.

    (also, i've been lurking since 06 to learn about PH's, etc... btw i have the same 'petethepianist' handle on BodySpace)

    Monday- Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
    Saturday Abs/HIIT
    (20-30 minutes cardio after Mon/Tues workouts)

  2. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Well laid out plan. Good luck, bro.
    Psalm 34:10 - "The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing."
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  3. thanks man, it just dawned on me that i need to have 50 posts to add links/pics so it'll be another day or two. i feel like a **** seeing my name as the last poster for anything but there's no really active thread right now.

  4. it will be interesting to see how the trenazone works. i picked up a bottle for my brother, but he wont be back state-side til january and is anxious to see how it works for others. nicely laid out plan btw.

  5. thanks, oddly enough I got my bottles from my brother.. I know SD is really supposed to take effect between days 5-12 so I'll have some buffering time to decide if I need it, or can use it instead of increasing the SD dose. I'm having a hard time finding contraindications or really any accounts of people stacking it.

  6. about 2 years ago i did a SD/pro-dienalone stack from Finaflex550 xd. the strength and size gains were ridiculous. but, i was also dumb and had never heard about SERMS, so i lost most of what i gained. glad i finally found AM to steer me straight for PCT.

  7. ok, i had a huge post set to go with pics and all that but you're gonna have to bare with me until I hit 50 posts.

    since i'm new to posting here i figure i should mention i'm an ex-anorexic, so i have a lot of image issues when it comes to gaining weight. I had been about 215lbs when i was 14, then dropped down to 125 at my worst. dealt with it for 4 years.

    if you're so inclined, here's my progress pics going back to 2003:

    (please let me know if this is included with the linking rules and i'll take it down)

  8. DAY 1 of SD EXTREME

    Time has finally come to get the cycle truly underway... I'll admit I tried to dreamer-bulk my way to 200lbs before the start but it was too little too late. Weighed in pre-workout at 195lbs and no visible abs. In my above post I added 3 pics from last week as a 'before' benchmark.

    Obviously i'm pretty high on excitement of a new supplement/placebo effects, but I decided to enjoy it for my workout and push myself a little harder than usual. I'm a year and a half out of a SLAP tear surgery on my right shoulder, but it still gives me issues constantly.

    here's how i looked tonight:
    Incline DB press- 70s x12, 85s x10, 100s x 9(10th with spotter aid), 65s x20
    Perpendicular close-grip DB press (i'll try to find a better explanation for clarity) 2 sets of 30s x 20
    decline BB press- 135x20, 185x12, 225x12, 245x8
    cable flyes (top grip)- 30x12, 35x12, 45x12, 50x10
    bottom grip- 25x20, 20x20, 15x20

    cable lateral raises- 15x10, 15x8
    seated DB press- 50x12, 65x12, 80x6 (usually won't go over 70s, so i was pleased)
    bent over DB raises- 30x12, 30x10

    seated dips (leverage machine, not bodyweight) 180x20, 270x16
    V-bar pushdowns- 60x20, 60x18, 80x12, 95x8
    straight bar pushdowns- overhand and underhand 40lbs to failure
    single arm tricep pull-downs 10lbs to failure, front and side twice, 5lbs front and side to failure.

    Called it a night after that, i usually have crooked bar skull crushers in there, but i was getting pissed at how crowded the gym was and had to leave. (not attributing that to the supps, thats just me) :/

    I'm not very happy with my tricep routine, I'd enjoy some feedback on a mass-building routine.

  9. im not sure what SLAP tear surgery is, but if that has to do with your shoulder then kudos to you for still throwing around good weight. as for a mass builder for triceps, i would say up the weight to where you are doing between 8-10 reps MAX on each lift. it's what has worked for me in the past.

    i usually try to get 3-4 tricep exercises on arm day, with 4 sets each and trying to get 8-10 reps on each set. I pretty much do the same exercises you did just at a higher weight, and lower reps. i also like to switch it up and do Seated Overhead DB tricep extensions and DB kickbacks every now and then just to switch up the exercises from week to week.

    sorry for the long post, but good work on your lifts man. very impressive.

  10. nice, i'll give it a shot... a SLAP tear is a tear in the labrum, a piece of cartilage that keeps your shoulder in its socket. I had taken a gymnastics class in college and tore it doing skin the cats on still rings. so, now i have two metal anchors in my shoulder to remind me that im too big to be a gymnast :/

    DAY 2
    First and foremost, I PASSED THE SERIES 66!! so damn happy, i've felt invincible all day...

    Appetite is up a bit today, but I'm still not ready to attribute anything to the SD... celebrating with a huge plate of salmon. btw, i don't plan on logging my meals/diet unless something is atypical. i assume we can trust each other that we all know how to eat.

    todays workout-
    Cable pull-downs (wide grip): 160x16, 205x12, 250x8
    close underhand grip: 205x20, 235x12
    seated cable rows: (uses numerical plates, so idk actual weight) 60% of stack x15, 75% x10, 90% x8, 50% x20
    t-bar rows (underhand wide grip... feels good man) 90lbs x12, 135x10
    close perpendicular grip: 135x16, 180x12, 90x22
    wide grip pull-ups: (i really just do these to stretch my biceps) BWx12, BWx10

    I start my bicep routine super-setting preacher curls with the EZ bar, (start at 70lbs, then up it to 90), with alternating hands on DB preacher curls and DB hammer curls (i stick with a 40lb DB for these). 3 sets of all of them together, all to failure.
    standing pinwheel curls: 30s x8, x8, x6
    standing supine curls: 30s x12, x10

    out of nowhere.. BB shrugs. (keeps my biceps stretched out... i got into the habit trying to elongate my bicep heads... it's helped). it's also all i do specifically for my traps.
    180x26, 270x16, 360x8, 450x3

    standing EZ bar curls suicidal super set. 40lbs x 15! (for non math nerds, i mean 15 exponential... as in 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, etc. down to 1. i also change between normal grip, outer grip, overhand, and inner grip for each set. rest is also counted as 15 seconds, 14 seconds, 13, etc.) try it sometime. it sucks.

    one handed cable curls: 25 lbs, 4 sets to failure, straight and inner grip.

    (note, my biceps are probably the weakest point of my body)

    machine seated crunches: similar to suicidal super set, full rack of weight x10, then i move down to the next lighter plate, x10, etc until i'm down to the last plate, x10, then back to about 130lbs to failure. NO rest between sets.

    kneeling cable crunches: i face away from the machine to increase ROM and also crunch side to side. 2 sets to failure @ 80lbs of resistance. (coming down to center, left, center, right, center, etc)

    today i just wanted a light ab workout and i finished with 15 minutes of light cardio. (really i only do cardio to check out the girls on the treadmills). never got fatigued but im trying to wind myself down. still ecstatic about passing the exam lol

  11. guess i'll make my updates a little more brief, doesn't really seem to be a lot of interest in the SD. I'll ramp it back up once the osta is in play, and I'll keep updating with my weight and strength changes.

    weighed in at 193, looking forward to chest/shoulders/tris tomorrow... did abs today but didn't feel like i could really dig into them

  12. Holy volume! lol looks good man

  13. Quote Originally Posted by petethepianis View Post
    ok, i had a huge post set to go with pics and all that but you're gonna have to bare with me until I hit 50 posts.

    since i'm new to posting here i figure i should mention i'm an ex-anorexic, so i have a lot of image issues when it comes to gaining weight. I had been about 215lbs when i was 14, then dropped down to 125 at my worst. dealt with it for 4 years.

    if you're so inclined, here's my progress pics going back to 2003:

    (please let me know if this is included with the linking rules and i'll take it down)
    repped for overcoming a huge hurdle. good luck!!!

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  14. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    repped for overcoming a huge hurdle. good luck!!!
    thanks man... its hard for me to let myself bulk even though i know i'll be able to cut the extra fat. and of course i can't really judge my own progress because i'm not actually seeing me in the mirror. my reflection is a fat ass with skinny arms and love handles.

  15. went a lot heavier on biceps last night... honestly felt like i COULDN'T get fatigued. back workout was a little easier, but my hip was bothering me, (been dealing with mild right hip soreness for a few months), so i didn't push too hard... tonight i kicked ass in jujitsu, glad to see aggression didn't get the better side of me during grappling. (still really no psychological sides)

    but the big news: I HIT 200lbs LAST NIGHT!! could NOT stop eating today, between chicken and salmon alone, i probably went through 4lbs of meat today on top of two shakes and I'm about to eat again before bed. still feeling unstoppable
  16. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Glad to see things are going well for you, bro.
    Psalm 34:10 - "The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing."
    EvoMuse Representative | [email protected] | Inspire to Evolve

  17. thanks... meant to mention, i'm not going to add in the trenazone next week; i wouldn't be on it long enough to really reap any benefits. I'll be pairing it with havoc in august.

    I need to hear from someone who has some experience with osta-sarm... I'll still be on it when i head to vegas in july, and need to know if i need to worry about drinking/liver toxicity. typically i'd just stay away from drinking in general but damn it, it's vegas.

  18. still in the 200lb neighborhood... i decided to up the ante to a goal of 215lbs after the osta, (which i still need to order)

    probably spent too much time concentrating on chest tonight, i was feeling too tight to go heavy on shoulder presses, but i still have plenty of energy after a full workout and two hours of jujitsu lol

    abs are starting to take a little shape which is impressive since I really haven't done any sort of cardio and really lowered my amount of stomach exercises in the week

  19. chest is feeling a little tender, going to add Erase into my PCT starting next week. ostarine is ordered and on its way, (PM me if you're looking for $10 off yours)

    still weighing in around 201-203, but strength is starting to kick up a bit... finished bench with 275x5 and felt like i could have done much more.

  20. not much to report... i was worried about estrogen increase so i've added in erase, 1 daily for now, will bump it up as i progress.

    lifts are way up, still benching 275x5 plus, and was able to go straight to incline chest press and do 100s x 8 afterwards... started getting tight after that but still put up 75x8 on shoulder press, then hit a new PR on skull crushers.

    if you've been following along, i've been on PCT since monday, nothing really to report except that the nolva tastes as bad as i remembered... too lazy to drink it with juice so i just put it under my tongue and try to drink it back quick.

    osta is coming up on the 13th, debating between 12.5 daily or 25

  21. title updated so someone might read it.

  22. i did 25mg for the first few days, then cut back to 12.5 - 15mg after that til the bottle was empty. lasted me quite some time and i was able to gain a few more lbs and about 5 more lbs to most lifts. loved that stuff, just wish it weren't so expensive.

  23. the price seems pretty on point when you aren't paying for additional supports or pct...

    i'm still definitely doing another epi cycle in august or september, but results pending i might run osta exclusively in late fall. (i do a performance every january that i need to be pretty cut for, so i might run it at a low dose for 8+ weeks)

    also, i'm ready to announce that the main side i DID encounter on this cycle so far was an upkick in acne, but because of the heatwave and being outside every chance I get, i'm betting a good bit was natural

  24. so it's about 3 and a half weeks after my superdrol ended, and my overall rating of the hormone is: underwhelmed.

    I'm still about 203, so a net gain of 8lbs in 6 weeks. there was a noticeable change in strength but I feel like I probably could have done just as well without it. I'll definitely be going back to epistane in the future.

    I'm in my first week of ostarine, but I'm going to make a separate thread for that.

  25. wow, i would have expected more weight than that on SD. mine sky rocketed and so did my strength.


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