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  1. Stepped on a scale today for the first time in forever...

    Recorded at 214.

    Beginning of the AH cycle I was at 230. 1.5 Months before that, 240... REALLY looking forward to see what my lean mass is and where I'm at for BF. My abs are starting to show pretty big time, my arm and leg circumference has actually gone up a bit and so has my chest, so I'm really really interested. Mirror test I would estimate myself being at around the 12-14% range right now.

    So rough calculation would be: Started off at about 192lb of lean mass while 20% of BF. Am currently at 191lb of lean mass and 12%, while losing 26lbs in +-3 months.

    Won't complain.
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  2. Damn. That's really impressive. It doesn't get much better than that.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. WOW!
    Just inject.

  4. Great log dude.

    Considering becoming a copy cat.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by anabolicRyan1 View Post
    Great log dude.

    Considering becoming a copy cat.

    If you havnt talked to a rep yet, send one of us a PM
    Just inject.

  6. I have been slacking the past few days, that's for sure.

    I have been doing only a 2 day split on the DC training and then 2 days of pure cardio on a weekly basis, been aiming to basically maintain my weights (have been able to do that, have yet to decrease either weights or reps on anything) and do more cardio.

    Have heard about a promotion being up at work and have been doing some extra work to make it happen so that means a little less time at the gym, a little more time on the road and talking to clients...

    I am on my last week of PCT, so far so good, still keeping most of my gains, still keeping pretty lean and will soon make a final review and all!
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  7. Glad PCT is continuing well and looking forward to final review!
    Just inject.

  8. So, I'm one of those who had to work on Good Friday, sitting here with not a thing to do and no one in the office as people actually had vacation days left to use... Only one thing to do: Update this, something I haven't done in quite a while!

    So two workouts were down the books, let's see it:

    Widegrip lat Pulldown: 205lbs (upped 10), 14 reps

    TBar Row: 180lbs (upped 10), 16 reps

    Dumbell Bench Press: 80lbs (upped 5), 12 reps - I could have done a whole lot more, but I didn't have a spotter and I started shaking and having an issue getting past midway by myself, so I cut it short so I wouldnt injure my shoulder again

    Dumbell Lateral Raise: 30lbs (maintained), 18 reps - I tried the 35 but it kinda bothered my shoulder so I just upped reps

    Cable Triceps Pushdown: 180lbs (upped 20), 18 reps. I may have to find another machine for this as the limit for the machine is 200. Could easily have gone higher.

    Shoulder Shrugs: I added this as I wanted to focus some more on my traps to balance it out with my wide shoulders and give me some peak. 300lbs on the bar. 17 reps.


    Next workout:

    Barbell Curl: 55lbs (on the bench press bar, so add whatever the bar weights), 17 reps. Maintained weight, sadly. It was pretty rough to add more as I would have to add 5lbs more. Also at the end I did a negative with a 55lb bar. 30 second negative with that weight, shaking like a polaroid picture at the end, and then just went straight ahead with the stretch for another 40 seconds. Good stuff.

    Hammer Curls: 45lbs (added 5lbs, new PR again, keep it coming baby!), 16 reps.

    Leg Press: 450lbs (added about 35lbs) and I still feel like I haven't reached my leg press potential... Mind you I started this at around 280lbs at the begging of the cycle... I still managed 14 reps, so I am aiming for 500lbs next time around, perhaps 520 and will go for 8 reps... I took 50lbs off and did the widowmaker at 22 reps, point which I was almost sh!ting myself and losing the grip on the bar.

    Seated Leg Curl: 150lbs (upped 10), 19 reps

    Calf Press on the Leg Press Machine: 405lbs (upped 25), 10 reps. Good weight, really hurting by the end, never gave up.


    I also did 20 minutes of cardio on both of those days after the workout, 20 mins on the elliptical, 450 calories burnt according to my heart rate monitor.

    Twice this past week I also did my cardio days. Both consisted of my Jump Rope Split (3 min jump rope, drop down for 3 sets of ab workout, rinse and repeat 4 times then do 2 sets for obliques with the jump rope split), then did the stomach vacuum for 30 seconds, 4 times, then climbed on the treadmill for 40 minutes, burnt 900 calories each time on the treadmill.

    I guess being at work on good friday is good for at least a couple of things
    A) Doing online shopping
    B) Updating my log that I haven't done in forever, slacker me.

    End of PCT is right around the corner, next Tuesday I'm done. Getting my personal fitness test at the gym probably on Wednesday and hopefully by Friday I will post all start - finish measurements, weights and all.

    Thanks for everyone who's been checking, I've really enjoyed doing this, am looking forward my next one too with Loggers needed for iForce's new product! , it's cut time!
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  9. Thanks for the great log!

  10. Very nice update! Looking forward to the measurements, etc...
    Just inject.

  11. Anxiously awaiting your results!

  12. Quote Originally Posted by FlawedGrunt View Post
    Anxiously awaiting your results!

    Sustain Alpha is back!

  13. Final review posted on first page of thread, post #2.
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  14. That is an AMAZING run right there. The muscle loss could easily have been a math error at the beginning or end and both your strength and girths went up despite dropping 20 lbs. That's extremely remarkable. Thanks for the log and the review.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  15. Thank you, this was an amazing run and I am extremely happy with it, looking forward using some more PP products in the future.

    (and mind you, this wasn't even sponsored or anything, pretty much as straight forward as I could have been)
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  16. Quote Originally Posted by bla55 View Post
    Thank you, this was an amazing run and I am extremely happy with it, looking forward using some more PP products in the future.

    (and mind you, this wasn't even sponsored or anything, pretty much as straight forward as I could have been)
    Good to hear Good cycle my man.
    Just inject.

  17. 20 lbs is sick! Congrats.

    Will deff be picking up on you new log too!

    And your arms and chest can't get bigger without gaining muscle... Lol. Which makes your gains really substantial. Getting my ass beat and logging it.


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