My experience with Monsterdrol XT after 23 days

  1. My experience with Monsterdrol XT after 23 days

    I made a bad call against the advice of others to go ahead and run this compound after 5 weeks of dermacrine/pstanz. While on that I utilized a keto diet of around 2800 calories. On Thanksgiving I dropped the Keto diet (of course feasted that day) and started working myself up towards 3200 calories. I continued to have a regular diet of around 3200 for the next week + until deciding that it was the perfect time to bulk given circumstances. At that time I decided to throw mdxt into the equation. Took the first dose the night of December 1st then 20mg for the next couple of days.

    20mg for the first 3 days then 30mg afterwards with each dose spaced out 8 hours. First dose at 8am then next at 1400 then next at midnight every day. Along with each dose I also took a serving of AI Cycle support. Definitely noticed increased bp and body temp on the 2nd day. Started getting back pumps around day 5, mild up until about 2.5 weeks in but nothing some bulk taurine couldn't take care of. Definite increase in acne primarily on the face about a week and then a bit more than before about 17 days in. Mild night sweats about a week in that got much worse around day 17 (I keep my condo at 62 degrees when I sleep along with having the heat vent in the bedroom covered with a pillow case). Bad lethargy kicked in around day 11 or 12. On day 13 I started taking Hcgenerate and within a couple of days the lethargy was gone (possible that the hcgen attributed to the night sweats or increase in acne?) No other sides to note. Overall I've felt pretty good through the first few weeks.

    Meal outline
    meal#1 1.5 cups of oatmeal with 1 serving power pb or 4 eggs with 1 serving of breakfast sausage links

    meal#2 1.5 servings of lo mein noodles with sesame seed oil/oyster sauce, 1 serving of cheese, and 1 lean protein (fiss, blsl chicken breast, or tuna)

    slin-sane 15 minutes prior
    meal#3 (pre-workout) PBJ sandwich: 2 slices whole wheat bread, 1 serving power pb, 2 servings grape jelly

    1.5 servings whey2 build muscle and banana following workout

    meal#4 1 hour pwo: 3 potatoes with 1 serving of cheese, 1 lean protein

    snack cottage cheese with avocado or peanuts/almonds

    meal#5 2 85/15 hamburger patties with 1 serving of cheese

    meal#6 (pre-bed) 1 serving power pb mixed with 1 serving trutein choco pb and 3 oz milk. freeze and top with 1 serving cool whip

    3500 calories average and around 275-300 protein

    workout outline (probably not the greatest for bulking on cycle but chose due to being easy to maintain even if work got busy). Half reps/rest pause/cheat reps for extra negatives added in at times when felt necessary. Slow reps.

    barbell bench press 1 wu set x 15/3 x 6-9
    dumbbell incline bench 1x15/2 x 8-10
    lying machine fly (powertec bench attachment) 3x10-12+ 1 dropped weight burnout set of 15-20
    dips 3x10

    barbell curl 3x10-12 with extra negatives after failure
    incline hammer dumbbell curl 3x8-10
    preacher curl 2x6-8
    dumbbell wrist curl 2x15-20

    atg squats 3x8-12
    leg ext 3x10-12
    lying leg curls 2x10-12
    db lunges 2x10
    db calf raise on stairs 3x15-20

    thursday off or abs

    db shoulder press 3x8-12
    db lat raise 2x10-12
    barbell upright row 2x8-10
    bent over rear delt raise 2x8-10
    barbell shrug 2x12-15
    tri rope pushdown 3x10-14
    jm press 2x8-12
    cable rope overhead extension (using high pulley) 2x10-14

    close grip lat pulldown 3x8-12
    1 arm db row 2x20-25 (more reps due to db at home only going to 90lbs)
    low cable seated wide grip row 3x8-12
    barbell bent over row 2x8-12
    deadlift 2x6-10

    hanging straight out leg raise 3x15
    weight cable crunch 3x15-20
    db side bend 3x20

    Strength gains weren't haven't been too much more over natty progress but have added a couple of lbs/reps over what would be expected natty. Workouts have been short and intense with me laying on the ground for 5-10 minutes after finishing up many of them to let pumps settle down a little and be able to walk up the stairs.

    Weigh in after day 2 was 191.6 (can't remember if it was morning or early afternoon when I weighed in)

    Just off of work and weight right before bed is 204.6, will update it with morning weight once I wake up.

    Noticably bigger but gains look a little wet in the stomach possibly due to me having a higher body fat that I've battled with for years...waiste size hasn't went up much, maybe 1/4" or half inch at the most by the way my pants fit. Have definitely put on at least a couple pounds of fat...measurement at naval was +2.5 inches and can grab a bit more than before.

    PCT will be
    torem 120(3 days) followed by 90/90/60
    formastanzol tapered down
    toco 8
    endoamp max
    possibly osta sarm as well

    follwing pct I will be using ntbm bridge and n2slin for 4 weeks followed by a possible recomp effort with osta sarm for 6 weeks.

    Just thought I'd share my experience with this product due to all the speculation out there.

  2. Love it my man just love it.. Its a magic product that works even though there is nothing in it... LMAO I cant believe the haters that have spent so many hours,weeks,and now even months of there time trying to attack this product.

    I have gotten so deep inot there heads that they dream about me now. Spend hours of there life trying to fight against me. I love how I own there minds now. I consume there very thoughts now.

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