USP ModernBCAA Grape Bubblegum - Review & Thanks

  1. USP ModernBCAA Grape Bubblegum - Review & Thanks

    A big THANKS to USP Labs for sending me a ModernBCAA package with the new Jacked flavor and a Jacked beanie. Jacob followed through, and his generosity is commendable on these boards.

    I had purchased this package on the IC release, but it's great to get a second set. I'm passing around a tub of the Raspberry to guys at my gym so they can try it out too.

    I've been using the Grape Bubblegum about 30 minutes post workout before 2nd breakfast. I've used 1 scoop in 1000ml (liter) and 500ml, and both have dissolved as promised.

    Mixability: 10/10 No floaties or residue the way Xtend or BC+EAA used to. Mixes in about 30 seconds with some shaking in between. Ideal!

    Coloring: 10/10 I really like how unobtrusive it is without coloring, GREAT! Looks like I'm taking just a water bottle to meetings. Ideal!

    Taste: 9/10 Very light flavoring, with only a slight leucine after taste. It's quite refreshing in the AM after a workout, not as in your face as other BCAA products. I like it a lot!

    Effect: ? too soon to tell, but I use it for mTOR spiking before meals, so with the high leucine content it only takes 1 scoop to get the desired effect. I like this a lot!

    Overall: 9/10 - Depending on price, I could see myself using this as a go-to BCAA product. It is certainly a refreshing alternative in an otherwise overly-colored world. I hate answering people on what I'm drinking, much easier to be clear. Well done USP Labs!

  2. great review covers all areas nicely

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