new stack!

  1. new stack!

    Universal Animal Mstack
    Universal BCAA pills
    Multi vitamin
    Creatine mono- not exactly sure on dosage yet??
    fish oil and milk thistle

    I am starting off at 200lbs i am trying to gain a few pounds of lean mass. I am also workingout on a four day split. I will try to log my results as i go! Wish me luck on this one!

  2. should be getting my stack in the next few days. Any final tips before i start?

  3. got all the supps starting my stack tomorrow. Starting weight is 200

  4. today was first day of the new stack. I felt stong and tireless. I will detail you on the recomp. I feel confident also i think that is from the MSTAK. I am also starting at 204 i took my weight today and thats my starting weight.

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