looking for alittle help

  1. looking for alittle help

    i am looking for a more beginner stack to gain mass. I am 6" started at 280 and now im at 245 and would like to get bigger before geting to my goal weight. The problem is i have a kidney condition . I am currently taking a generic stack if arginine, hmb, with whey and a fat burner. I know my options are limited but any help would be great

  2. What % body fat are you at right now? You're almost to the point where i'd drop some to at least get healthy before you start bulking again. I got up to 230 at around 18% and have dropped about 12 pounds since. Honestly you dont realize how much better you feel without that weight attatched to you when you're working out. If I were you i'd eat around 500 under maintenence, stay on the fat burner, and start lifting heavy with cardio about 30 minutes 3 times a week. I'm sure many people will have different opinions on it, but that's mine.

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