MC Goes Into Combat Thanks to MusclePharm (Sponsored)

  1. MC Goes Into Combat Thanks to MusclePharm (Sponsored)

    Thanks to MusclePharm & Pmiller, I was selected to log a GENEROUS portion of Combat Powder, MusclePharms special protein powder. Upon opening my package, I had discovered that I was chosen to log Triple Berry. I had wanted to try any flavor except regular Chocolate because I've grown tired of plain old chocolate flavored proteins and was interested in trying something new. Upon cracking that beautiful container open I will be sure to give as detailed as possible description of my experience with the protein. Also, I encourage suggestions for different recipes I can utilize the Triple Berry flavor with!! So guys post up your ideas for me!

  2. You got yours! Awesome. Triple Berry is the flavor I'm most interested in, I look forward to seeing your thoughts on it.
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  3. My favourites are usually just berry yogurt, frozen berries, milk and berry protein powder. I also added in an Acai fruit powder concentrate I had + icecubes; was delicious!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Resolve View Post
    You got yours! Awesome. Triple Berry is the flavor I'm most interested in, I look forward to seeing your thoughts on it.
    Did you guys get yours yet? If so, what flavor?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by mrchristian View Post
    Did you guys get yours yet? If so, what flavor?
    Nope, not yet. still waiting on it.

    Good luck!

  6. dude I am in. I am logging their Bulletproof and Assault. Looking forward to your log.

  7. Im looking forward to the review, I havent even had any combat powder so consider yourself one of the select few getting into it this early. Exciting flavor you have! Details, details!!!!

  8. Triple Berry Madness!

    Sorry I have been MIA as of late guys, I've been getting slaughtered at work, and it certainly doesn't help considering how bad things are out there on the job market. Anyways, I have managed to squeeze in a few workouts when I can find time, its getting tougher and tougher, but I somehow manage to get some semblence of a workout in there. So on to some comments about Triple Berry Combat Powder.

    Taste: I would have to say it is Good compared to all other flavors of protein on the market. However, if you were comparing it solely to other fruit flavored protein powders, I'd rate it an Excellent. It doesn't have a terrible aftertase like other fruit flavored proteins I've had experience with, and its actually kinda nice because it mixes pretty thick like a shake with just water vs. having to use milk to get that shake like consistency.

    Mixture: It mixed quite easily and completely with a few shakes of the bottle. There was no excess sediment at the bottom of the shaker, not was there any grainy consistency to the shake.

    Thus far I have only utilized it in a shake. I am quite interested in perhaps mixing it with some cottage cheese, yogurt with fruit, or perhaps even some fat free frozen yogurt with some fruit for a treat.

    I will be sure to keep regular with posts!

  9. keep the updates coming, i understand its a little tough loggin a protien powder but just be creative and since you have a camera you have more options. Im still waiting on mine to come in, cant wait! the triple berry in yogurt sounds like a fantastic idea dude! thanks.

  10. Nyum Nyum Nyum! One bonus of getting selected for the Triple Berry Flavor is its easy incorporation into many recipes. This is my first variation from the traditional 2 scoops with water. It was sooooooo good. It is a great meal! 2 scoops of Combat Powder, a generous sized bowl of fat free cottage cheese, a dash of skim milk to aid mixability and a handful of blackberry & raspberries. This is especially great because I LOVE Blackberries & Raspberries. I average a carton a day of one or the other. Luckily I get them on the cheap because they can be quite pricey at times.

  11. that looks great! making me hungry


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