Prepare for War: Assault and Bulletproof Log

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  1. yeah! my tris were so sore after the workout, i woke up and thought they were gonna be hurting but they werent bad at all! Thanks for stopping in dude, looking forward to seeing your final write up

  2. Just checking in.

    I will try to catch up, but how are digging the Assault + Bulletproof?

  3. xjsynx, werent you banned for a long ass time?

  4. 2-3-09


    DB Shoulder Press- 60X10, 70X5, 75X5, 85X3 drop to 35 X11, 85X2, drop to 35 X7

    BB Shrugs- 135 X 10, 225X 15, 315 X10

    DB Seated Shrugs- 100X 12, 11, 15, drop to 45 X 16

    Behind the Head Smith Shoulder Press-115X4, 135X11, 145X8

    Rear Delt Fly's 120X15, 140X11, 150X9


    Legs and Deadz

    Squats 135 X 10, 225 X 15, 245 X 10, 275 X 10, 275 X 10

    Deadz-135 WU, 225 X10, 315 X 10, 315 X 8

    Leg Press- 4 plates ( feet close) X 15, 5 plates each side X 15, 6 plates each side X 12

    Seated Calve Raises 6 plates each sideX15, 8 plates each side X 10, 6 plates each side X 12

    Today my squats felt really strong. I have been doing them on a machine for awhile because I have been having problems with my knees. This was the first time I had done regular BB squats in like 3 or 4 weeks. Unfortunatley my back had to get use to having that weight on there so my dead lifts were effected by it indirectly. My endurnace was strong each lift and sometimes even on my last set i found enough energy to do more then I thought I could!

    These last couple nights I have been off Bulletproof and my quality of sleep has been sub par. Really looking forward to going back on it tonight and to just get knocked out.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump View Post
    xjsynx, werent you banned for a long ass time?
    I was in victim witness protection...

  6. I am done with assault, i will probably wait til my bulletproof is gone to give my final review!


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